As a business, our focus is to provide customers with a mobile lifestyle. As an employer, we’re making it easier for our staff to mobilize their work life. With the Workplace 2020 initiative, we’re transforming how we work – from collaborative workspaces to electronic smartboards, we’re thinking ahead to the future. In this Innovative Workspaces Series, get an inside look at some of our spaces designed to foster creativity and collaboration.

This is a transformation of the traditional day-to-day office environment that we’re used to. It’s truly representative of where we’re going as a company.

– Lauren Cooper, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Global workspace expert Chris Mach elaborates on the increasing flexibility of the modern workplace: “Based on the 2020 work and a lot of research, we’re evolving our real estate assets to be more agile and on-demand. Our goals are to eliminate unnecessary space and to develop high performing, better located workplaces.” Mach continues, “…the traditional workplace platform will get leaner, greener and better for supporting work and collaboration.” Our teams are adapting quickly and work better together in the new space. Ashley Hoptay says she “loves the thought of a workplace that works for you.”

Get a Peek Inside Our Featured Workspaces

AT&T Headquarters in Dallas

AT&T Foundry – Plano, TX

AT&T Headquarters in El Segundo, CA

AT&T Foundry – Atlanta, GA