The goal of our Foundry locations is to provide collaborative environments for the development of new technologies and products at a rapid pace. To achieve this, we followed three design principals:

  • There is no hierarchy – all the foundries have an open floor plan with no offices or cubicles
  • It is a multifunctional space – it conforms to what you need it to be
  • Everything is on wheels – the environment adapts to our employees’ needs instead the vice-versa

Plano Foundry Quick Facts:

  • The original Foundry opened in early 2011 and since then we’ve added 2 business units: Big Data and Emerging Business Markets
  • 1 of 5 Foundry locations around the world
  • Investors include: Ericsson, Amdocs, Cisco, Intel, ALU and Microsoft
  • Designed to encourage collaborative teamwork that allows for a faster pace of work
  • Projects include: Network architecture, big data analytics, software defined networking, the Internet of Things

Get an inside look at some of the features making the Plano Foundry office a special place to work:

London Style Private Phone Booths

London style private phone booths.


Scooters – for getting around the office in style.


Open, creative workspaces.


Telepresence systems – on wheels.

Charging stations

Digital meeting room booking!

Comfy Places to Work

Comfortable places to do your work.

Touchscreen and Whiteboard

24ft microtile wall that acts as a touchscreen and white board.


Employees hanging out in the Big Data kitchen.

Take a quick virtual tour of the Plano Foundry space:

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