By year 2020, there are expected to be 50.1 billion connected devices. So many in fact, that we can start to call it “The Internet of Everything” vs. “The Internet of Things.” It’s also expected that by 2020, 100 million new cars will ship with built-in connectivity. With that in mind, we invite you to take a look inside the AT&T Drive Studio, where our employees are creating the future of connected cars:

drive studio


Drive Studio Quick Facts:

  • Opened in 2014
  • Over 5,000 square feet
  • Partners: Ericsson, LG, TCS, Samsung, Amdocs, Accenture, Synchronoss, Redbend, Qualcomm, VoiceBox, iHeartRadio, Quickplay Media, Jasper Wireless, Red Bend, TCS

AT&T is the first carrier to open a facility that is solely dedicated to connected car innovation and research. Located just blocks away from AT&T’s newest Foundry innovation center in Atlanta, the AT&T Drive Studio is a working lab where AT&T tests and develops technologies to enhance the driving experience by improving safety, convenience and entertainment.

The sky’s the limit in the Drive Studio,

Chris Penrose Sr. VP Emerging Devices, AT&T Mobility


drive studio carThe idea behind the Drive Studio is to give employees the space and creative license to really push the boundaries of innovative technology. From planning to testing to live demos, the Drive Studio is a place where we can showcase everything AT&T can offer to the automotive industry in a live, working environment.




Working garage bays allow AT&T to demo future applications and new tools.

The speech lab helps us work on voice recognition using natural speech.

Open workspaces that let us make adjustments in real time.

Simulators and testing bays that help us test and perfect new technology.


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