We’ve called Dallas “home” since 2008, and that’s why we’re investing in making it an even better place to live, work and visit. There are plenty of reasons: a rapidly growing city with a diverse mix of creators, communities and businesses from around the world, and a temperate climate that brings nature’s best to your doorstep. As Dallas residents, we aim to give back as much as the city provided us – and more, to help create a better quality of life for our neighbors and employees.

What should you expect when moving to “The Big D”? We’ve prepared a grand tour for you below highlighting our new AT&T Discovery District in downtown Dallas!

An Eco-Friendlier Future in Dallas

Sustainability is top of mind for us, and eco-conscious innovations serve as a blueprint to what’s possible for cities around the world. Plans are in place to make downtown Dallas 100% powered through wind energy, while also utilizing a smart irrigation and rainwater harvesting system for sustainability.

For pedestrians, greater dedicated sidewalk space promotes more on-foot and bicycle travel to neighboring businesses, museums and parks. These renovations are also built to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act so everyone can enjoy the many events that take place throughout the year. One example: hearing loop installations – which serve as a type of wireless loudspeaker to assist those with hearing loss.

Combining Tech and Culture in Dallas

Building a space where technology, culture and entertainment meet to create unique experiences – our innovative technology teams are making their mark in Dallas today. Already, they’re working towards accessible ultra-fast 5G+ and Wi-Fi public areas. In these same spaces, locals dine, play and connect in new ways. The Media Wall, for example, is a 104-foot 6K digital display. Wrapping around the building at the corner of Akard and Jackson Streets, the screen sports 6k fidelity for an ultra-clear viewing experience. Dallas residents gather to watch a variety of curated digital art, enjoy movies, and, of course, cheer on the city’s many sports teams.

Interested in the city’s art scene? Our AT&T Showcase art gallery is a free space open to all that highlights local and national talent. Foodies can also enjoy some of the best eats the city has to offer, including a refreshing Beer Garden serving modern Texas fare, a two-story food hall and a farm-to-table restaurant opening soon in the lobby of our own Whitacre Tower.

There’s no shortage of options for those looking to take weekends away from the city either. Dallas residents can visit over 400 public parks spread throughout the area to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities, observe wildlife, or hike to their heart’s desire. Those who want to break a sweat can do so outdoors or make use of the latest amenities at Cowboys Fit – a 20,000 square-foot urban gym containing the same equipment and amenities that the Dallas Cowboys train with.

It’s Time to Call Dallas Home

Over 5,000 AT&T employees already take advantage of the city’s many perks. These connected spaces all play into our goal to have more flexibility that can improve the lives of our employees and the communities they’re a part of. We’re working closely with local public transit services like DART to make it easier than ever  to visit downtown, and many of our renovations are in line with the Downtown Dallas 360 plan, which aims to advance urban mobility and build complete neighborhoods.

dallas skyline

Our technology teams play a major role in paving the way to the future of Dallas and, by extension, the future of all cities and communities. Between 5G implementation, mixed reality projects and Internet of Things integration, there’s plenty to choose from in terms of making your mark in the midst of our digital transformation.

Learn more about how you can start a tech career with us and join a team spearheading the next great innovative projects transforming how we work, live and play:

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