I had always wanted to work for AT&T. I was obsessed with its vibrant and unique history, especially with its founder being the inventor of the telephone! A few years ago, I found my spot as Customer Care Associate for our Platinum Elite call center.

I enjoyed being able to take care of our customers’ needs and concerns. We were that one-stop-shop for them. Though I had to learn to multitask over several systems at once, and it was a bit challenging at first, over time my daily tasks became second nature. After taking calls for a little over a year, I was asked to become center support. I supported our new-hire agents from orientation day and throughout the entire training phase of their new career with AT&T. This included HR onboarding and skills transfer of a call center agents’ expertise. I also aided in coaching and development of the new-hire agents before they transitioned to the production floor. This is where I started seeing myself in a larger role.

I became a leader and I loved it. A leader of the people. A leader of positivity, kindness, and generosity. I had it all along. As a former restaurant shift manager, I was told that I was a breath of fresh air because I led the right way. I led with a business mindset, but I weaved in fun. I weaved in teamwork and collaboration. I weaved in the ability of making people know and feel that they are important and the source of a well-oiled machine to run smoothly. Looking back on those years of leadership experience and my connection and positive influence on people, I decided to change my path. In 2019, I enrolled in Malcolm X College here in Chicago to pursue my degree in Human Resources Management.

“I want to be a positive influence on people’s lives. I want to help ensure that the people in our business have what they need to be successful.”

I learned about AT&T’s THRIVE leadership development program through an email. I applied for the program twice. It’s a very popular program. This is the year that I was selected! I could not have been happier. There is a unique process on how the THRIVE Program leaders place a participant into their internship role. One is through the application itself, as it gives a list of career paths the applicant is interested in. This starts narrowing down the placement options. Once I was selected, I selected up to five business units based on what sparked my interest from the application. Then the team uses those resources to ensure that a participant such as myself get placed in the role that is right for them. To my surprise and excitement, I was assigned to a Senior Training Manager of Design role within our Human Resources team.

I’m now two months in and I have to say the THRIVE program is an amazing experience. Going to school and interning full time is a lot of work. It’s a juggling act but worth it in the end. In my assignment, I get to be creative, collaborate and implement training material for new hires and tenured employees. I love it. I have two more months to go with hopes that I’ll take a permanent role as a Senior Training Manager of Design. My goal is to move into management within Human Resources whether it be as a delivery manager, design manager, or even talent acquisition manager. Either way, I know that I will be able to apply the skills I’m learning through my internship, continue to learn new skills, and be a positive influence. I have the drive and spirit to get there, and I know I will make it.

My accomplishments as a Senior Training Manager, Design (Instructional Design) include…

  • Written and designed two full courses.
  • Completed a thorough analysis of over 600 courses for a curriculum redesign.
  • Created and presented a collaborative, interactive video.
  • Presented during TU’s quarterly Design Solution Showcase.
  • Redesigned existing instructional material.
  • Managed (and continuing to manage) multiple design projects at once.

If you’re looking to make a career change, my best advice is to be true to yourself, stay focused, know the value of networking, and know where you want to go within our globe. There is something out there for everyone!

I am a proud AT&T employee. I am on my journey to great places here and I want the world to experience it as well!

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