Nathan Thacker and Bryana Williams had the opportunity to host “In the Hot Seat,” our sizzling series that is based on a popular YouTube show. The AT&T version involves our senior leaders talking strategy with a side of blazing hot food. The hotter the heat, the tougher the question; the audience decided if their answers were on fire or needed more flame.

They took us behind the spicy scenes to share what the experience meant to them.

Meet Nathan

Retail Store Manager

Nathan was our first host of “In the Hot Seat,” featuring AT&T CEO John Stankey.

“All I can say is it was an honor and it will definitely be something that I will talk about for the near future,” Nathan said.

Why it was the “experience of a lifetime:” “Not only was I the first to host this event, but I was also getting to interview our very own CEO. Getting to pick John’s brain and ask him a few questions was more than enough reward.”

And why It was amazing: “John answered all of the questions without hesitation. He had very detailed answers and you could tell he was very passionate about his answers as well.”

Other impressions: “I also have to say Chef Clint Absher is amazing. The wings were hot but also delicious.”

Most memorable moment: “This scene didn’t even make the final show. When John first came out and sat in the hot seat, he brought a full bottle of antiacids with him. And he dumped them on the table before we had our first bite.”

Meet Bryana

Retail Store Manager

Bryana hosted our 2nd episode featuring Jeremy Legg, our Chief Technology Officer.

“I knew that this was an opportunity of a lifetime! I never thought that I would be selected to do something so honorable and huge,” Bryana said.

Rating the experience: “I would love to start by saying the experience during the “Hot Seat” is beyond anything I could have asked for. From preparing with the team, who gave me comfort and reassurance, to running on the stage with butterflies of excitement.”

Then the show started: “Being conditioned and disciplined is something I hold in high regard, and when Jeremy sat across from me, I could feel without a doubt that he did too. That alone made me comfortable. His passion for this company runs as deep as mine.”

Favorite moment: “Jeremy’s in-depth answer about how he knows that as one company we have to do a better job with learning each other’s roles and communicating.”

Why that’s a big deal: “Just how it brought together people from all parts of the company in a fun and engaging way. Bridging the gap between us will continue to make us stronger, unstoppable. As we continue to bring the “Hot seat” new hosts and participants, this alone will make those lines fade.”

From blazing your own trail to meeting senior leadership over spicy food, you never know where #LifeAtATT will take you!

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