Make a difference. It’s one of our core values that inspires our employees to have a positive impact in their work and communities. Our team knows that a connection can change everything for someone in need — both in the services we provide and through volunteering.


Sales Communication Manager

Volunteering has long been a passion for Ariana — “I’ve always cared about using my time to help others. We all have to be intentional about doing good in the world. AT&T has so many opportunities and resources for employees to get involved in worthy causes, and I love that we get one day per year solely to dedicate our time to volunteering AT&T also matches those hours with a donation to an eligible nonprofit of your choice!”

It was through our internal volunteer site that Ariana discovered Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, and she is now part of their Urgent Post Writing and Engagement team. This nonprofit has rescued over 20,000 animals in need.

Ariana is also her business unit’s Champion for the American Heart Association Heart Walk. Not only does she help coordinate participation in the Walk itself, she also organizes local fundraising efforts for her team and assists 15 other teams across the markets in her organization. Last year’s ice cream fundraiser at the AT&T Discovery District was one of her favorite fundraising events. Alongside some of her colleagues, she passed out ice cream, collected donations, signed people up for the Walk, and talked about the work done by the AHA.

“It was only a few hours out of my day, but I was able to make a real impact in fundraising and Heart Walk education,” she said.

“At work, volunteering events are always things I look forward to,” she said. “They give me a chance to have fun and engage with colleagues outside of work as well.”


Professional-App/Product Support

For Simranjit, volunteering is a chance to get out of his comfort zone and gain experience while helping his community. “It’s a win-win,” he said.

One of those experiences gained: woodworking. As a part of a day of service with Dallas-based Family Gateway, Simranjit and his fellow volunteers built benches for the family center. “I got to work with some of my peers who were very knowledgable woodworkers and very willing to share that knowledge.”

This craftsmanship was also utilized as part of AT&T Believes at Home opportunities that are focused on environmental sustainability. AT&T Believes at Home provides materials and coaching to volunteers so they can work on projects in their own space. Simranjit, with the help of his family, built a bee house for their backyard and birdhouses for a local park.

He credits a supportive company culture that encourages him to continue with his community efforts. “AT&T on the whole supports the skills and creativity of our employees and provides the resources to help our communities,” he said.

“Volunteering helps create a healthy community and builds strong values, such as empathy and compassion.”


Sr. Specialist – Technical Process/Quality

Volunteering provides a sense of purpose for Donna. She said, “Being able to see and feel the impact I have made in someone’s life is extremely rewarding.” Born and raised in Alaska, she’s now raising a family of her own there in her hometown. This lifelong connection to the community has been a big part of what inspires her volunteer efforts.

As a child, Donna volunteered alongside her parents, who also had a passion for supporting their local community. She remembers helping her father organize an annual fundraising dinner and silent auction for a non-profit where he served as president. “I think being raised in a community where people are always ready and willing to help each other really set the foundation for me to continue in my parent’s footsteps,” she added.

Today, she is a part of several organizations. She is the Member Communication lead for the AT&T Women in Network’s Board of Directors. Their mission is to connect and empower women in frontline roles. Donna also serves as the Communications and Marketing Lead of a local initiative called Recycle for a Reason, an organization the provides the local community a place to donate, recycle, reuse, and repurpose gently used items, such as household items.

These are just a couple of community outreach programs that are near to Donna’s heart. She dedicates much of her time to help enrich the lives of others and make positives out of hardship. “Being able to see and feel the impact I have made in someone’s life is extremely rewarding.”

Miami Leadership Team

Volunteering is a group effort. Our leadership teams are also deeply connected to volunteer efforts. Our Miami team is just one of them that is always looking for new opportunities to connect with their community. They use internal resources like the AT&T Believes site as well as regular emails listing opportunities for everyone to get involved.

This team has created diaper bundles for the local bank, wrapped gifts for families in need over the holidays, and dressed as superheroes for an event at the children’s hospital. On a recent volunteer day, they got their hands dirty to aid in the beautification around Pinecrest Gardens. They received a private tour and were educated about the plants that inhabit it and the environment.

Team Sales Manager, Silvia Ruiz, said, “Connecting with our community is the perfect way to show we care.”

Make a difference with us