On the surface, we all know what it takes for a positive customer service experience: an effective solution to a problem, presented in an easy and efficient way. It seems like a simple combination almost an exact formula for success; but it’s the human side that enables these experiences to go from transactional to impactful. 

For Vianey Norambuena, a Senior Fiber Sales Executive for the past five years, the customers needs always come first. “I take on the responsibility as a point of contact for them, I’m not just a salesperson, my goal is to take care of any issues and clear the path. By making sure everything is right for them, I’m able to gain their trust.”  

Even before that, customer service starts with building a foundation“I love talking with people and building relationships.” Vianey makes sure that she gets to know her customers by asking unexpected questions, and just getting to know them. “With customers, my name is always a conversation opener, but then I make it about them. I learn their everyday business so I can then present the best solutions.” 

Being the face of AT&T isn’t a one-woman job either; Vianey uses her cross-functional connections to bring full-scale solutions to customers even faster. 

“I had a new lead referred to me by one of my past customers. They were a medical billing business, and they were moving their office. I got technicians and engineers involved, and we were able to expedite and get them up and runningThanks to the relationships I have built, we got it done within 2 weeks, when normally the process could take 2 – 4 months. 

For Steven Bodner, an AT&T Fiber Sales Executive, “a good first impression makes a lasting impression when getting to know your customer’s journey.” Similar to Vianey, Steven first focuses on getting to know the customer and their business. “I like to figure out the customers’ pain points, and then provide them with a strategic solution to help fix those areas, while showing how our products provide value.” 

After the deal is done Steven makes sure he continues to put customers first by making time to follow up and nurture the relationship. 

“Once you make a sale, you’re not finished, you ALWAYS follow up with the customer to ensure everything is going okay and they’re happy. This creates trust and encourages them to choose AT&T again in the future. 

Building strong relationships is just one part of the formula for success but each customer’s journey is different “Their business needs always come first.” Vianey shared the secret sauce to her success, I would always just find my own way to talk to people. My boss would say, you know what she does different? She makes every person her best friend.’”  

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