“It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, it’s our job to help our customer.”

This perspective comes straight from successful Fiber Sales Executive, Jamie Abernathy.  When she joined the AT&T Fiber team, Jamie brought years of sales experience with her. She knew her next step had to be more than a job – it had to be a role where her career could evolve, with a commission structure and culture that rewarded the work she put in.

Fiber Optic Internet is a dedicated service offering some of the fastest and most reliable internet in the country today. While Jamie keeps her focus on businesses, banks and hospitals, she’s never limited on who she can reach out to. As a Fiber Sales Executive, she reaches more customers through creative outreach and broadens her network with each sale.

“The goal is to sell Fiber to everyone. During the pandemic, we’re speaking with potential customers over the phone. In normal situations we’re knocking on doors and building connections with property managers and building owners. We also receive referrals from our technicians installing Fiber in the field.”

A Look into Our Fiber Sales Team

At AT&T, we believe that winning together is a key ingredient to our success. In her past roles Jamie felt the competition stunted growth rather than motivated it. Today, she’s thankful to work with a team where the members collaborate together, lifting each other up and keeping the focus on successfully making the sale and building community.

“Every day, I communicate with my team on unique challenges because everyone might have a different experience. It’s comforting to have that resource, especially because some customers have either had service with AT&T for a very long time or signed up during a unique situation.”

What else should you know about working on the Fiber Team? Jamie shares a few more key insights.

“We have the best and largest portfolio of products. We can go just about anywhere and sell to everyone. Most companies can’t say that. We even have several products that we can sell to businesses outside of our service area. Truly, we can sell anywhere. Great leadership is also a significant driver in building a cohesive team.”

Earn what you put in

For Jamie, the commission structure also serves as a significant motivator by itself.

“In my previous sales roles, you had to meet a minimum amount before making any commission. For example, selling at least 50% of your quota. You always want to meet your quota, but it helps that you make money on anything you sell from the start. If your quota is $4,000 and you only sell $1,000 during that period, you still make commission. You sell more. You make more.”

Today, Jamie thrives as a Fiber Sales Executive knowing larger opportunities are on the horizon.

“So many people have been here for a very long time, over 20 years. From their experience I know I’m not siloed into sales. From leadership roles to business management, there are so many different avenues available. I’m excited to see what’s next.”

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