We’re all about connection at AT&T. The greeting you receive entering a retail store as a customer. A welcome gift from your manager on your first day as a team member. All these moments make a difference.

For some team members, the connection they share is even deeper. These couples share why they believe #LifeAtATT is better together.

Ashley and Kristofor Horst

Ashley and Kristofor met during college. Ashley started as an intern with our Technology Development Program. She quickly earned herself a full time spot. She loved #LifeAtATT so much, she wanted to share it and referred Kristofor in 2021. They married in the summer of 2022.

Both work as Software Engineers on separate teams. Ashley supports Field Services and writes applications that support Field Managers in day-to-day execution. Kristofor works in Software Delivery Services and is focused on modernizing existing applications so they function properly with the latest technology.

Both agree that sharing a role at AT&T — albeit on different projects — is a big benefit to their work. “We can provide each other with an outside perspective when we get stuck on a programming problem,” Ashley says. Another perk according to Ashley is being able to attend Employee Group events. “It’s always more fun together.”

Ken and Sheree Johnson

Ken and Sheree first met in high school. Now, they’re going on their 22nd year of marriage. Beginning last summer, they also share a #LifeAtATT.

Sheree started her career back in 2007 when she saw a job posting online and thought it would be exciting to work for AT&T. A week later, she interviewed and walked out with a job in one of our call centers. Today, she’s a Sales Consultant and leading a call center team of her own.

Ken came to AT&T in August 2022 as a Fiber Expert. Sheree had encouraged him for years, saying, “I felt his talents and experience would really go far here. I have not been wrong.”

Ken says that, even working in different areas, his favorite part of working together is that “we can share experiences, best practices, and our career journeys.”

Sheree adds, “Two heads are better than one. I love my husband with all my heart and I love this great company that we work for!”

Sharing your #LifeAtATT with someone you love is a plus for sure. There are many other ways to connect, meet new people, and grow with AT&T. Ready to connect?

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