Supporting our military community means more than providing opportunities for service men and women transitioning into civilian careers. Our support extends to active military members and also those in the reserves. At AT&T, we recognize the sacrifices of our employees who serve both our customers and our country. We provide accommodations, and oftentimes financial support, to those who are called to duty.

Let some of our active reservists tell you what it’s like to trade AT&T blue for camouflage and boots.

Taking Their Skills Off Duty

Meet Brandon O’Donnell, Senior Specialist – Cyber Security Defense & National Security
Army National Guard

“Growing up, I was always fixing network stuff and playing with the computer, so I knew information technology was going to be part of my career. I decided to join the National Guard right out of high school and within a year was deployed out of the country as an information officer. When I returned, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I decided to use my IT experience, and my GI bill, to enroll in school and pursue a degree in IT.

About two years later, I got a call from a recruiter about being a Network Technician at AT&T. Since joining the Guard, I’ve gone to Air Assault School, Mountain Warfare School, deployed to CENTCOM, been to numerous technical schools, became an NCO, then a Commissioned Officer, and had the opportunity to work with the very best Signal and Cyber Soldiers during multiple multinational exercises. In each position, I gained skills that help me in my day-to-day career. In March of 2021, I received orders to support my state’s information office. At the end of those orders, I was sent to BOLC in Georgia to become a Cyber Officer. All this experience has given me the expertise, professionalism, and drive to meet our customers’ needs while continuing to improve myself in numerous areas of my life.

With these changes, my travel, and time off requirements, my management team is extremely understanding of my commitment to service. If it wasn’t for their support, the military/civilian life balance would be rough. Balancing work and service commitments can be very difficult from a time management standpoint and having a manager or supervisor who understands that helps with that stress. Many of the employees in AT&T Public Sector are prior service men and women and understand the commitment which creates a welcoming atmosphere to say the least. AT&T is a large organization with great benefits. I tell other service members the biggest reason of being a part of a large organization like AT&T is that you will always be challenged by a new project, product, or professional goal. And if that’s not good enough, you have plenty of latitude to move around within the organization to find the best role for you. There’s an opportunity for everyone, especially those with a DoD background!”

Achieving Balance

Meet Coryan Carter, Retail Sales Consultant
Air Force Reserves

“It was my sophomore year of college at South Alabama University when I enlisted. I took advantage of my GI bill to pay for 98% of my tuition. On my reserve weekends, I traded my books for a firemen’s helmet. I really enjoy being a firefighter for the Air Force. We care for life and safety on reserve weekends and on deployment. After a recent deployment, I didn’t want to return to my previous retail job; I wanted to be part of AT&T.

My grandmother worked in the corporate office for 32 years and I grew up hearing about the great benefits AT&T has to offer. When I returned from deployment, I started a new career at one of our retail stores here in Mobile. I really wanted to get my foot in the door and make some additional money while going to school. I am a year and a half in and love it. Going to school, working full time, and being in the reserves is a lot. My experience in the military really prepares me for my off-duty job and school. Discipline, accountability, and motivation are the three things that cross over.

It really helps to know AT&T has my back as well. My leadership is supportive and always makes sure I have what I need to succeed, both in store and when I’m in uniform. My store manager makes arrangements to cover my shifts when I’m on weekends, TDY, or deployed. Even my Area Manager and high leadership check on me and offer guidance. My job is always here and waiting for me when I return and so is my pay.

AT&T’s policy for providing a percentage of pay while on active duty is something not many other companies offer. It truly shows how supportive they are to military servicemen and women and veterans. When I think about working at AT&T, it’s not just the incentives I have being part of the reserves but it’s the same sense of camaraderie in the store that makes me want to get up and go to work every day.”

Embracing Greater Possibilities

Meet Sean Coe, Senior Account Manager National Retail Sales
Former Air Force Reserves

“I joined the Air Force shortly after I graduated college to help offset student loans. However, I wanted to get real-world career experience at the same time, so reserves made sense. I worked my one weekend a month and two weeks a year for the military, all while working part-time in the retail industry.

I started with AT&T as a Retail Sales Consultant a few years into my service with the Air Force. Coming to AT&T was the best decision I’ve ever made. In the military, everything is black and white. It’s extremely structured, for good reason, but with very linear advancement. With AT&T, you can mold your career in whatever direction you want. As I continued my remaining years as a reservist, I transitioned into many roles here, having the freedom to go for what I wanted. My military background helped make my goals possible.

In the military, I was an Aerospace Medical Technician out of Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. I helped prepare airmen for deployment by providing physicals to assess their readiness. I also worked as an EMT. This background helped me when I was in Federal and Acquisition Sales. I would talk with first responders and knew their language. Being a veteran and fellow first responder myself built a strong level of trust with my clients. The best advice I have ever received is to pick your career based on your lifestyle. Do what you want to do. AT&T has the resources and opportunities for me to follow that advice. You don’t have to go based on your job code in the military. You can find your balance here.”

Looking for balance between your military duties and civilian life?

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