Over the past decade, I have had the privilege of building a fulfilling career at AT&T, starting as a Premise Technician in Fort Worth, Texas. The experiences, challenges, and opportunities I encountered along the way have shaped me both personally and professionally. From the hands-on work in the field to my current role in the ACE organization, every step has been a vital milestone in my journey.

Building the Foundation

When I first joined AT&T as a Premise Technician, I relished the opportunity to work outdoors, interact with customers, and troubleshoot technical issues. Traveling for work exposed me to diverse environments and customers, enhancing my problem-solving and communication skills and laid the groundwork for my future path.

Hitting a Stride

In 2015, I became a Senior Training Manager; a role that allowed me to share my technical expertise with new hires as I helped them through their training. It also sparked a passion for mentoring others. I embraced the chance to travel for work and immersed myself in new learning opportunities while building meaningful connections with peers. Empowering others to succeed became a source of fulfillment. I realized that my passion for teaching was a driving force behind my professional aspirations.

In 2021, I took on the role of a Lead Training Manager. This position allowed me to lead larger teams and work on more strategic initiatives. The challenges I faced in this role encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and take calculated risks. It was during my tenure as a Lead Training Manager that I recognized my true calling lay in the Access Construction and Engineering (ACE) department.

Making the Connection

As someone with a background in Electronics and Communication Engineering, joining ACE was a long-held aspiration. I knew that this role would enable me to contribute to AT&T’s mission in a way that drew from my passion and knowledge. Successfully securing this position was not only a validation of my hard work and dedication over the years but also an exciting new chapter in my professional journey.

As I reflect on my 10 years with AT&T, I am immensely grateful for the opportunities, support, and challenges that have shaped me into the professional I am today. AT&T’s emphasis on training and development has strengthened my technical skills and nurtured my leadership capabilities. I am eager to continue making a meaningful impact within the ACE organization, contributing to its success, and guiding others on their own career paths. My journey at AT&T has taught me that with dedication and a passion for what you do, the possibilities are boundless.

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