Our B2B Sales Development program is teaching participants how they can help clients transform entire industries. Innovative solutions, a flexible range of products, and the power of our network means sales experts can set themselves up for success in their territories. We spoke with Alyssa Nortrup, recent B2B Sales Development Program graduate, on why the opportunity stood out to her and what makes #LifeAtATT such a sweet deal.

How did our B2B Sales Development Program differ from other companies you considered out of college?

When I applied to AT&T out of college, the higher commission threshold stood out to me. You saw the efforts of your work almost instantly because it was on your next paycheck. That starts from day one.

Another thing that makes AT&T stand out from the competition is that you can start earning your commission on the very first day. In other businesses it’s not even a possibility until you’re “done training.” But when are you ever not training or growing your skills?

Who succeeds in this role?

I think the best thing about the B2B program is that anyone can be successful. I have friends who were biology or journalism majors that were just as successful as I was; sometimes more! What it takes to be successful is a money-motivated, self-driven person who is excited about what they’re doing and has a good personality. And that doesn’t mean being an extrovert or an introvert, it just means being yourself at the end of the day.

Tell us about some of your memorable sales from the program.

When I think about my time at the B2B Sales Development program, I think of one of my first sales. I was so excited and proud of myself for seeing the process all the way through. That deal met my quota, too, which meant I didn’t have to worry about selling another month. My friends, and everyone really, was congratulating me and pumping me up. It was some of the most fun I ever had.

How easy is it to sell AT&T products and services?

Compared to other companies you could work for, AT&T products are so easy to sell. You have the brand behind you. Everyone has heard of AT&T, so it’s not like you’re selling something completely new. AT&T also has a great reputation of being one of the best telecommunication companies in the country. As long as you work hard and you show them that you care about what you’re doing and you care about them as people, then selling comes pretty easily.

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