Talk about a hole in one! Business seller nails golf challenge. Video captures “great vibes” and goes viral.​​​​​​​

Thwack! Josh Lucas hit the golf ball, propelling it into a paper cup 125 feet away.

Cheers! The hole-in-one (in a cup) meant the entire business sales development team in Irving, Texas, was heading home early on a Friday.

Click! Just one week into the job, on June 12, Malik Robinson posted the video of Josh’s triumph on his TikTok channel.

Mike Francis

And the video quickly went viral. Between engagement on the original post and posts from major media outlets that reshared it, like “SportsCenter,” Malik’s video has been viewed over 10 million times and received more than 1 million likes.

“It’s crazy how it continues to morph. It’s been a wild week,” Mike Francis said a week after Josh sank his putt. Mike leads the B2B (business-to-business) Sales Development Program.

Mike thinks part of the video’s popularity is timing – it taps into today’s post-pandemic discussion about the role of the office. Watch the video above, and you can’t help but notice the office comradery. And the high fives.

“Ummmm, are you guys hiring? This is the type of atmosphere (I) need in my life,” one TikTok commenter asked after watching the video.

Both Malik and Josh are part of the B2B sales program for recent college graduates. Learning to make cold calls and email can be challenging. To keep the team motivated, Mike tries to instill some fun. This includes field days, quarterly team volunteer events and themed blitzes. For a recent blitz, the team dressed in Hawaiian attire and sampled energy drinks and snacks while making cold calls. There were prizes for top performers.

Mike came up with the “sink the putt” challenge about 3 years ago. The basic premise: a few employees have 3 chances. If the ball goes into the cup, at the end of a very long hallway, the entire team goes home a few hours early – on a Friday.

Josh Lucas

Josh is one of few employees to successfully land the ball into the cup, borrowed from the break room’s coffee dispensary. And his excitement is part of the video’s charm. “I was literally screaming,” said Josh, who admits to checking out the slope of the hallway before the challenge.

What you don’t see in the video: “I definitely did a little lap around the office,” said Josh, a recent University of North Texas graduate.

When the teams’ day ended a few hours early, many opted to hit happy hour together.

“People were trying to buy me drinks,” Josh said. “There was a lot of emotion shed in the office. And it was definitely needed.”

“Ok, I want to work there. Great vibes,” a TikTok commenter said.

Malik Robinson

Malik is a recent graduate of University of Nevada in Las Vegas. He also regularly posts cooking videos and has a following of about 40,000 people.

He decided to post the video of Josh hitting the hole-in-cup on a Sunday night. “I woke up and it was at 1 million views and it just kept going. And it keeps going.”

Malik points out that vast majority of comments have been positive. “It’s about the excitement of being back in the office.”

“The fact that the boss comes up with fun games…it must be a great place to work,” one TikTok commenter wrote.

Malik’s reply: Absolutely!

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About the B2B Sales Development Program

The B2B Sales Development Program started in 2016. Today, there are 1,100 alums working for our company, Mike said.

The program helps instill company loyalty – or “bleeding blue,” as Mike said. “We are in a competitive environment, and these are highly sought-after hires.”

This year, about 550 recent college graduates will be hired for the program. Many live on campus near AT&T University.

Besides teaching the new hires about our company – and how to sell its products and services to other businesses – part of the program’s value is in bringing the new sellers together. It creates a sense of community that helps make a big company feel smaller and more intimate, Mike said.

“It’s hard to learn to be salesperson, make cold calls and emails from your childhood bedroom and go downstairs to eat dinner with mom and dad,” Mike said.

When the 5-month program ends, the graduates will head to 10 of the largest U.S. markets to serve our business customers.

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