Ashley Rich

I began my AT&T career in the 2018 General Internship Program and am now a Staffing Manager and Recruiter. Through the power of social media and virtual events, I’m searching for the next generation of AT&T leaders who are looking to grow. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with friends and family – ask me about the best brunch spots in Dallas!

Nadia Stuart

I’m a Senior Program Manager at AT&T with six years of talent acquisition experience! Through our site, videos and other collateral – I help our people share their best #LifeAtATT stories. In my free time I like working out (running and Pilates!) while exploring new spots in NYC.

Cory Taylor

I started my AT&T career in 2012 as a Sales and Support Representative in the Gulf States market and have held several leadership roles across the company. Currently, I am the Lead in Military and Diversity Talent Attraction, specializing in veteran & diversity recruitment strategies, military fellowship programs, collaborating with partners and delivering best in class results through data-driven decision making. Outside of #LifeAtATT, I’m a United States Navy Veteran, a huge New Orleans Saints fan, and plant enthusiast.

Minerva Mitchell

With 15 years of talent acquisition experience, no two days are the same for me (except that they’re fun!) I love helping candidates have the best experience they can when joining AT&T – the plan is always to have someone in a better place than when they started. My weekends are action packed – Traveling, Volunteering and Treasure Hunting are just some examples in-between volunteering days with the whole family.

Kristine Toole

I’m a Lead Talent Acquisition Manager and help manage content and strategy across our AT&T social media channels to share what #LifeAtATT is all about. I get to see #LifeAtATT through the eyes of our employees and share what sets us apart with our over 1 million followers! On the weekends I like to spend time with friends and family and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and trips to the beach.

Kaleb Pask

My AT&T career spans 18 years and 11 different roles. Today I lead talent acquisition efforts, primarily on diversity segments with a strong focus on military recruiting. My portfolio also includes social media work for AT&T that reaches over one million followers! When I’m not living #LifeAtATT, I’m a proud father of three boys and enjoy traveling, wakeboarding and coaching youth sports.

Stephanie Boyce

I’m an employer brand and recruitment marketing leader with 20+ years of experience. Whether it’s building new campaigns or sharing our unique employee stories, no two days are ever alike! For me, an active life is a happy life – outside of work I like to spend time with my family traveling, snowmobiling and watching the latest, greatest zombie movie releases.

Abigail Martin

I’m a Lead Talent Acquisition Manager at AT&T and have 15 years of talent acquisition experience! I’m always ready to help out any talent interested in starting their #LifeAtATT, and enjoy helping our candidates connect with the endless possibilities at AT&T. When I’m not working, I like to spend my time traveling, enjoying friends and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Avalyn Jackson

I’m a Lead Talent Attraction Manager in Human Resources responsible for attracting diverse candidates. In over 20 years working with AT&T, I provided input on accessibility for devices and software, universal design, hearing aid compatibility and mature rate plans (just to name a few). When I’m not working, I enjoy cooking, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Shanna Applebee

I’m a Lead Talent Attraction and Client Solutions Manager in the HR Talent Acquisition team. This role has really given me a unique understanding on how AT&T careers can help outstanding talent connect to the future. Outside of work, I spend time with my family (including three kids under 12, and a Husky named Simba!) while volunteering with Girl Scouts and other local organizations.

JoHanna Martinez

I lead our veteran and diversity hiring strategy for AT&T and have nearly six years of talent acquisition experience! I’m always excited at the opportunity to help out talent interested in starting their #LifeAtATT, especially from a diversity perspective. When I’m not working, I’m at my son’s baseball games, hanging out with my family or shopping for shoes.




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