guy headshotGuy Thomas has worked with computers since he was five years old. Today, he works as a Software Developer making an impact with us through our Technology Development Program. Before hopping on the phone to speak with us, he was in the middle of developing a program to help streamline a process to save his team much valuable time.

It wasn’t always like this.

Life in New Orleans

In 2001, Guy was studying Business at the University of New Orleans. Not long after that, September 11th happened, and he heard his call to arms.

“I joined the Louisiana National Guard and went to basic training,” Guy said. “Right before senior year, I was sent to Iraq for a year and a half of deployment.”

Guy returned to New Orleans to finish his degree in 2005; Hurricane Katrina devastated the city that same year. To get his feet back on the ground after the hurricane, Guy worked as a franchise owner for several years as his family – and home – recovered. It wasn’t until 2012 that he decided on a change, applying for a technician opening with us. He soon transferred into a management position as an Outside Plant Engineer, and a company-wide announcement was made.

Pivoting towards technology

“Six months after I started, our previous CEO Randall Stephenson had a big town hall conference. He announced our transition to a 2020 workforce, and, needing a skill pivot, I took that message very seriously – enough to finish my degree, change it to Computer Science and keep my skills relevant with nanodegree programs.”

Going back to school was no easy decision. But Guy’s veteran background combined with our tuition reimbursement (among other perks) helped lighten the load. A strong, connected veteran community at the workplace also helped provide him additional perspective and counseling in times when the way forward wasn’t entirely clear.

“AT&T is very veteran-focused. They don’t just say it – they do it. We have veterans throughout all levels in our company – from those working in the field, to management, to supervisors.”

A sense of duty

“When you go into the military, you learn how capable you can be in so many different situations and the sense of duty that comes with that. It’s why many people who join the military pick up skills and aspects of leadership you can’t find anywhere else.”

Perhaps it was that experience that gave Guy the determination to tackle his dreams. After finishing his Bachelor’s in Computer Science, he applied to our Technology Development Program. There, he secured his role as a Software Engineer in his element – one that he’s been familiar with since he was five years old.

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