Just over five months into her technician career, Bonnie Hines is already enjoying the freedom and responsibility the position offers. As a Wire Technician, she is in our customers’ homes every day; installing and activating our cutting-edge services – like AT&T Fiber – and connecting them to what matters most.

Getting the Job

“I like to work with my hands and be outside,” she says. “I’m going to school for internet security and previously worked as an intern at an electronics repair shop. This seemed like a good fit.” As one of the largest service providers in the world, AT&T was instantly on her radar. “I didn’t consider this position at another company at all.”

The pay and benefits are what ultimately made the job most enticing to Bonnie. Benefits like health insurance, a matched 401k, discounts on service, and a competitive pay rate.

Bonnie applied and had a virtual interview. A few days and a background check later, she got the job. Next up was an eight-week training program to teach her everything she needed to know about being an AT&T technician. “Training was a mixture of fun and long days,” she says. “I get excited to learn new things.”

Much of that training focused on job safety. Climbing ladders and poles and doing electrical work are some of the responsibilities of a technician that must be treated with care. “AT&T puts safety first, for sure,” Bonnie tells us. “From my previous experience and all the training, I wasn’t really concerned about safety, I was more worried about if I was going to be able to climb a pole! I’m on the smaller side and those ladders are heavy.”

Entering the Field

“My first days on my own, after training, were nerve-racking,” Bonnie admits. “You run into things on the job you haven’t experienced yet. Training definitely continues after those eight weeks.”

The average day starts early, with Bonnie hitting the road around 8 a.m. Before she’s even left home, she reviews her jobs for the day. Once at the shop, she loads up her van with all the equipment she will need for the day’s work. She calls the customer, arrives at their home, makes connection happen, and repeats until her appointments for the day are completed. At the end of her shift, she returns to the shop and cleans out her van to prepare for the next one.

“I really like to be able to manage my own day,” Bonnie says of her routine. “There’s no micromanaging going on. I enjoy the freedom and responsibility of being where I need to be and doing what I need to do.”

If you’re like Bonnie and are looking for freedom in your work with competitive pay and benefits, we have opportunities for you.

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