When Brittany Geyer began her #LifeAtATT in 2008, she had two requirements: growth opportunities and good benefits. Both were in abundance at one of our retail stores in State College, Pennsylvania. Once she started, she quickly realized there was more to a retail career with AT&T than she thought.

Every day, something new

“I was younger, so what really attracted me to retail was the hours,” Brittany says. She wasn’t confined to the usual 9 to 5. Her hours on Monday may not be the same as on Tuesday or she may not even work Tuesday at all. This allowed for a degree of freedom to work around her life. It also allowed for a level of excitement.

“It was something different every day,” she said, “I’m very extroverted so I liked the opportunity to talk to different people every day.” From rotating co-workers daily to a constant stream of new customers, Brittany loved the chance to meet new people and make friends. She did just that as she recalls, “I’ve met some of my best friends in retail that are like family now. We still go on vacations together!”

As she spent her days greeting customers, helping with technical or billing problems, and merchandising the store, she continued to forge relationships. Soon she had her first major growth opportunity: help open a new location in town.

Making meaningful connections

The crosstown trip would prove major not just for her career, but in her personal life, too. “I went to the location that was being moved, and nobody was there. I was early. I’m standing out in the cold when the other team member helping – my future husband – finally shows up. I thought, ‘here we go…'” Fast forward a couple of weeks and Brittany had decided to stay on at the new location. “Three years later we were married.”

Brittany’s next career move would take her to another new store – this time in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as a Retail Sales Consultant. The new role was a challenge at first, but she soon found her way onto the sales leaderboards. She received a Service Excellence Award as well as an invitation to SUMMIT – an honor given to the best sellers in the company. With her success came unique experiences, like baseball and basketball games in Philadelphia.

Brittany soon found herself moving into leadership roles at her stores. Her position gave her the opportunity to build a support group for women in business called Women of the Workplace in the Heart of Pennsylvania(WOW HOP). “At the time, there were only 3% of area managers that were women. I’m grateful I had management that said, ‘Let’s do it. Let’s help lift people up.” Her next big leap would take her out of the stores altogether.

Endless opportunity

Today, Brittany works in Talent Acquisition, helping others begin their own #LifeAtATT. As Brittany has evolved over 14 years with AT&T, so too has her view of the culture. “When I first started, I thought I’ll get to meet friends and there’s the cool factor of the technology. As I grew and built relationships, I came to appreciate how everyone supports one another and lifts each other up.”

Looking back at her time in retail she says, “You start out at one point, and it completely moves you someplace else. When I first started, I thought maybe I’d grow within the store. I never would have imagined all the experiences I’ve had.”

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