When a Call Center Representative hits the sales floor for the first time, it can seem a bit intimidating. After weeks of training, feeling like they’re prepared, once they take that first call, nerves can kick in. Our Ocean Springs call center in Mississippi saw that making sure reps have someone to lean on in those first few months can make a huge difference. So, they developed a mentorship program to set all their new reps up for success.

With the help of an online personality test, they match new employees with a seasoned sales rep to guide them through the ropes and help build their foundation for a career with AT&T. This 12-week program starts after new hire training and often lasts long after the program ends. The mentor’s job is to teach what it takes to be successful in this role and how to embrace our culture. They continually check in on sales progression, helping with any challenges that come along and acting as a sounding board that is needed during those first few weeks.

“Our mentors are a lifeline for new employees. Not only are we building positive relationships but we’re helping new employees achieve greatness.” – Damien Gonzalez, who is one of the program’s lead mentors.

This program isn’t just for new hires. As a mentor, it’s a tremendous opportunity to learn leadership and management skills, and how to be accountable to people.

“It’s also a chance to give back the same way that their own mentors helped guide them,” adds Damien.

Meet Sabrina & Jennifer

Mentor: Sabrina Garlotte — Started in Aug. 2018

“I became interested in becoming a mentor when some of the new hires that I referred started asking me a lot of questions. They weren’t sure who to go to or what resources they had. The program is very informative and helps new employees, like Jennifer, understand the tools, metrics, resources, and policies put in place. Training teaches the basics but doesn’t go far enough in-depth for a complete understanding in real-time. I am also there to answer questions on complicated calls and share best practices. I wish this program was around when I started.”

Mentee: Jennifer Raez — Started in Sept. 2022

“I wanted to work for AT&T because, honestly, I like to help people and this job is all about helping customers with their problems/issues. I am a people person and ever since I was little, I’ve always been able to strike up conversations with anyone. I heard that AT&T was a pretty good company to work for – specifically the pay, employee benefits, and all the incentives. Coming in and having someone to be able to talk to has been really helpful. Someone who knows the ropes, can give advice, and guide you through the process of acclimating to being on the floor. Sabrina is the best in sales in the whole call center. She has a wealth of knowledge that I can’t wait to tap into more. She gives great advice, is very helpful, and extremely professional. You can tell she really cares about her mentees and wants us to succeed.”


Meet Myiesha and Aaliyah

Mentor: Myiesha Straight — Started in Oct. 2020

“I love meeting new people. I love to offer my help, knowledge, and experience to others. Working with Aalyiah has been awesome. She is very hardworking and listens to my advice. She’s really determined to succeed, and I want that for her.”

Mentee: Aaliyah Marion — Started in Sept. 2022

“Having a mentor has made it more comfortable with talking and helping customers find the right services and products they need. Sales can be challenging. Myiesha taught me it takes time, if you don’t get it the first time, keep trying and you’ll start hearing yes. She’s very understanding and helps keep me updated on my goals. I really appreciate her working with me and helping me through this process. She’s by far the best mentor I have ever had.”


Meet Kevon and Tina

Mentor: Kevon Kinnemore — Started in Aug. 2021

“Since joining AT&T, I have been very successful in exceeding my monthly sales goals and felt that this would be an awesome opportunity to share my best practices to support others around me. I have always had a passion for helping others. There’s information that you just don’t learn in training until you’re in the system, doing the work, and someone shows you. It has been amazing working with Tina. She has no issue asking questions and is showing growth in the areas we focus on for her to be successful at her job. She is understanding and is an extremely easy person to talk to. Maneuvering through numerous systems, and things constantly changing; even after being here just over a year myself and having an extreme amount of support, I am still learning too.”

Mentee: Tina Heathcoe — Started in Sept. 2022

“I have always done more of a physical type of job so I knew, as my body ages, I needed something else where I can continue to help people. I have been familiar with AT&T since my childhood. The company has a great reputation and great pay. It was not until I started at AT&T that I discovered all the opportunities available. Being paired with someone to help you get started is just one of them. Kevon has incredible energy but is still calm, professional, and encouraging. He is always there for me and I’m very appreciative of having him by my side.”


Meet D’Angelo and Jyheriah

Mentor: D’Angelo May — Started in Dec. 2020

“The ability to help new reps fresh out the tent with policies and procedures is the biggest thing that drew me to the mentorship program, aside from exposure and networking opportunities. I love teaching and feeling like I am a part of something greater. Being a mentor offered me the opportunity to do that. So here I am. My experience with the program has been positive so far. Even though it is my first time, I have an amazing set of mentees, like Jykeriah, that make being a mentor a breeze. I believe we were put together because we are like-minded individuals who have realistic expectations for working in customer service at the ground level. Our managers make it easy; they allow us the freedom to set our own meeting times and don’t require us to report back. This helps build trust between mentor and mentee.”

Mentee: Jykeriah Lester — Started in Sept. 2022

“D’Angelo made me feel welcome at AT&T from day one, letting me know he will be here every step of the way. He stays connected, providing information about sales techniques, time management, and any updates we may have in the system. He demonstrates how to manage difficult customers and calls. D’Angelo continuously asks me how work is going and if I have any questions or need additional support. If it’s something he can’t answer, he reaches out to the ones who can. He really makes me feel I’m not alone. I would not have made it this far without his encouraging words and attitude he has toward his role. Everyone deserves a mentor like him to keep them going and motivated.”

Mentorship is at the core of #LifeAtATT. A steady, supportive hand from the beginning helps lay a solid foundation when starting a new career. We know the Ocean Springs team couldn’t imagine it any other way and we see the results every day.

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