Javion Melvin is an Installation Technician on his second stint with AT&T. Over a year into his return to #LifeAtATT, we spoke with him about what inspired him to come back. It came down to two reasons: the wonderful environment and benefits package.

Our Company Culture

“AT&T has a very competitive pay scale,” Javion said. “There aren’t many service providers pushing the benefits or the pay we get. Not to mention some great bonus opportunities, too.” In his experience, AT&T has a lot more to offer on top of the base pay. Several different bonuses are possible based on meeting various criteria from the quality of the work completed to your efficiency in getting it done.

Javion spoke just as highly of the benefits, too. “We have dental. We have vision. We have several different healthcare options.” These benefits speak to the greater culture of AT&T, where employee recognition is essential. “The culture is all about giving when it comes to employees,” he said. “It’s very open at AT&T. We accept everybody.”

Safety on the job is a concern for many and it’s always top-of-mind at AT&T. “When it comes to safety, I think about my wife and kids,” he said. “I make sure I’m coming home at the end of the day. Safety protocols are put in place for a reason. This job can get dangerous if you do the wrong things.” Safety protocol is constantly evolving for technicians. It’s infused in the training. It’s a topic in every morning meeting. Management is checking your work on the job. New rules come out frequently. “It’s not just training and then nothing in the field.”

The Power of Connection

A typical day for Javion begins between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. He goes to the yard and double checks he has all the equipment necessary to handle his job list for the day. The “vibe” of the job can come down to the area you’re servicing. Being based in a major city, like Atlanta, means a denser infrastructure. There are a lot more access points and supplies on hand that can make the day a lot simpler.

Sometimes the job can take you well out of your day-to-day mode, however. When Hurricane Ian struck, Javion was quick to answer the call for help. Being from a small town himself, he seized the opportunity to “give back to the community that I’m a product of.”

Javion was involved in a project to restore service to an apartment complex. Their AT&T Fiber lines had been knocked out by the storm and new ones needed to be put in.

“Internet service is such a part of our daily lives that we take it for granted,” he said. “To see the smiles on our customers’ faces when their internet came back up – and the praise they gave us for getting it up so quickly – feels great!”

Still, responding to a natural disaster and handling his daily workload are all the same in Javion’s mind. “Each job means the same to me because I want all my customers to have the same experience. I always go above and beyond to connect them.”

“AT&T has a wonderful environment to work in,” Javion told us. “From co-workers to management, the people are amazing. Healthcare is amazing. The pay is amazing. The opportunity rate is amazing.”

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