Here at AT&T we are committed to developing the next generation of employees with a variety of internships and development programs. Whether you’re a current student looking for summer experience, a recent grad, or just looking to start something new, explore the endless possibilities designed to get you where you want to go.

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Technology Development Program

Our Technology Development Program (TDP) cultivates AT&T’s future technology leaders. Over the course of a 24-to-36-month long cycle, TDP participants will gain experience as software engineers, data analysts, technical business managers and network engineers based on their backgrounds and program rotations.

In the TDP, you will deliver innovative solutions with your vision for the future. This full-time position is offered in multiple locations throughout the course of the year. Discover which field you excel in and help us continue developing groundbreaking tech.

What are participants saying?

“The culture of learning here at AT&T really drew me in. I could see how committed they are to ensuring all new hires succeed in our roles. This culture also extends to our communities at large. Throughout our onboarding, we were able to participate in an AT&T Believes events and were introduced to the community outreach AT&T employees participate in throughout the year.”

– Ansley Goeckel, TDP Data Analyst I

B2B Sales Development Program

Our B2B Sales Development Program is one of AT&T’s most innovative development programs to help you ease into your sales career with us. With both internship and post-grad opportunities, you’ll learn directly from our team how to prospect for new business, solve business problems, provide excellent customer service and meet sales goals. This instructor-led, web-based, hands-on training works with our advanced technology – all designed to help you gain new experiences and transform your skills.

Not everyone has a technical background. That’s why we designed our training programs for anyone interested in sales. Whether you’re with us for an 8-week internship or a 5-7 month post-grad assignment, this Development Program guides you through the technical knowledge and sales skills necessary to be successful. By the time you complete the program, you’ll be more confident in your skills than you could’ve imagined and well on your way to becoming a top sales performer.

What are participants saying?

“I joined AT&T to gain knowledge and experience working for a Fortune 15 company. I have the opportunity to connect with great minds within the company who have excelled in their positions. The company has been with me every step of the way getting me up and running, ensuring I am ready for what’s to come.”

Christian Oshita, Client Solutions Executive

“As a recent college graduate, I felt like this program was a great match for my personality. I am learning how to develop my marketing and sales skills for the future. I absolutely love the company culture we have. The environment is very inclusive and welcoming so the onboarding process felt like a breeze.”

– Cydni Perryman, Sales Executive

“From my first interview to my current days as an intern, everyone at AT&T has been so friendly and makes me feel wanted and appreciated… In sales, it can get competitive sometimes, but here at AT&T, it doesn’t feel that way. Everybody is open to meeting with you and offering any guidance that you need.”

– Jack Smith, Client Solutions Executive

Finance Leadership Development Program

Participants of our Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP) are on an accelerated, performance-based path that provides challenging experiences with Controllers, Corporate Financial Planning, Tax, Treasury, Investor Relations and Forecasting. The FLDP cultivates a community of strong leaders through its rotations and networking opportunities with Senior Finance leaders.

Over the course of the 2-year program, participants will experience two 12-month long rotations based in Dallas. FLDP allows participants to build collaborative relations with partners across the company, grow their experience and benefit from mentoring.

What are participants saying?

“I was looking for a leadership rotational program that would provide me an opportunity to pivot into the telecommunications industry and learn about its different lines of business… AT&T provided both opportunities for me. I’m learning about our technology capabilities and how we use them to create strategic alliances with other digital giants.”

– Stacy Tubonemi, FLDP Lead Financial Analyst

EDGE Internship

The AT&T EDGE Internship Program is a 10-week summer internship that spans across a variety of business areas. College students can participate in one of several learning tracks each summer in Business, Finance, Technology, Sales, and Media & Communications.

EDGE provides undergraduates with AT&T career experiences. Each path of this full-time student development program is designed for participants to step into a management position once they graduate.

Leadership development, targeted training that targets your career interests, and opportunities for community work and networking with our leaders are all in store.

What are participants saying?

“I always wanted to be a part of a company on the cutting edge of their industry. When I think of AT&T, I think of a team. Everything and everyone feels connected and community based. I feel everyone pulls on the same end of the rope and everyone supports everyone.”

– Dillon Milani, AT&T EDGE Intern

There’s a place at AT&T that’s right for everyone. Whatever your interest or skillset, we’re ready for you.

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