Each summer, we host the AT&T Technology Academy, a week-long online program aimed at educating students on technology careers with us through lessons and discussions with experts in the field. Upon completion of the Academy, participants receive a certificate and the opportunity to interview for a spot in our Technology Development Program (TDP).

“The Academy gave me a sense of what it’s like to work at AT&T,” said Ravier Konan, a current member of TDP and a participant in our first Academy. “I was quite familiar with the company culture and the technologies used in program assignments by the time I joined. Most importantly, I received advice on how to prepare for the interview process and be successful in TDP from the Academy lessons.”

Intro to #LifeAtATT

Ravier was initially interested in the Technology Academy because of the wide array of STEM topics it covered. He also liked the fact that he’d receive a certification at the end of the training from a prominent technology company. “I received great insights and advice on AT&T’s business, leadership, and careers from recognized experts. I gained a lot of knowledge on Agile Methodologies (a project management approach based on collaboration and continuous improvement) and was very impressed by the work being done with data, too.”

His favorite part was the interviews with the leaders of TDP. They offered advice on developing a career in the technology space and left Ravier feeling inspired to become a part of the team.

“I learned AT&T is a company that really cares about their customers. The work environment seemed friendly. It gave me plenty of motivation to work for them.”

Joining the Team

“What really interested me about TDP was the emphasis on career development,” he said. “With the program rotation, we get exposure to different teams and parts of the business. People are genuinely willing to help you succeed and that makes a big difference for a recent graduate.”

As a part of TDP, you will work alongside several different business groups and experience different technologies based on your program track. A member of TDP may spend time working on a team dedicated to AT&T Fiber before shifting focus and learning about an entirely different project.

Having completed the Technology Academy, Ravier came in with some familiarity of the company and leaders. “I love the culture at AT&T,” he told us. “It really makes me want to produce for the good of my team because performance is celebrated here, and I am a living example of that. In fact, my contributions to my team have been highlighted and rewarded. The leadership is accessible, so it’s easy to learn and pick up what’s being done in other parts of the business you aren’t familiar with.”

Currently, Ravier is working as a Systems and DevOps Engineer – the first person to follow this track in the Atlanta TDP office. This unique position presented him with the opportunity to inspire the next wave of STEM students.

Paying it Forward

“Since I was the only person in my track at the time, my Associate Director proposed to me that I participate in a panel for this year’s Technology Academy,” he said. “As an Alumni of the Academy, I found it a great opportunity to be on the other side of things and inspire other students to work towards joining TDP.”

For Ravier, this was the perfect opportunity to pay his experience forward. He also loved the opportunity to network with other TDP members and learn about the projects they were working on.

Both the event and TDP are all about celebrating innovation. As a company, innovation is our purpose. Ravier defined it as making things simpler and less time-consuming for humanity. “At AT&T, innovation is at the core of our development. One of my team members has over 200 patents with the company. That really gives you a sense of how much innovation is valued here.”

If you’re a student interested in pursuing a technology career, Ravier shared this advice: “Master your fundamentals, keep learning, keep exploring, and keep expanding your knowledge to new technologies concepts. Engage in organizations at school or outside school to hone collaboration and leadership skills. Don’t be shy, volunteer yourself, and network with people. Join the Technology Academy. Commit and earn the certification badge.”

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