Our lives are connected to the internet in more ways than ever, and keeping track of all the different cyber threats becomes even more critical. Protecting your information online can seem impossible, but our cybersecurity expert, John Brady, is here to tell you it doesn’t have to be.

“The internet is essentially the transaction of data,” the Associate Director – Cybersecurity tells us. “Being safe when you’re online means being knowledgeable about the places and people you share your data with and being cautious or skeptical about anything or anywhere that doesn’t feel like a safe place to make that transaction. Whether it is on social media or making your next online purchase, every click is your data in receipt of something in return. Remember: Think Before your Click.”

Tips for Internet Safety

Be proactive.

The best time to handle cyber attacks is before they happen. Monitor your online accounts frequently so you are the first to notice any suspicious activity. You can also make use of tools like AT&T ActiveArmor to help.

Be wary of the unknown.

Always think twice before sharing information with an unfamiliar person or program. Check the sender or site URL to be sure the request is coming from a reputable source. If you’re unsure, don’t do it.

Be alert.

Just because you are in a familiar setting doesn’t mean you are safe from a cyber attack. Your information can be stolen just as easily at home or when you’re out in public, so keep up with cybersecurity best practices at all times.

Protect your passwords.

72% of people admit to using the same password for multiple logins. Many also admit to sharing them with others. Using longer, stronger passwords that differ from site-to-site, and keeping them personal, can greatly decrease the chance of having your accounts hacked. You can use password management apps to help, too.

These basic principles are only the tip of the iceberg. You can learn even more and keep up to date with the latest cybersecurity trends on our site.

Get Involved

John didn’t choose cybersecurity initially. Coming out of college with a master’s in Interactive Technology, he had his eyes on the video game industry. Fast forward to today and he’s just celebrated his 10-year #LifeAtATT anniversary.

“I love where I am today. Every moment of my day, I see improvements to the future of cybersecurity. It’s a remarkable place to be.”

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