Our EDGE internship gives college undergraduates the opportunity to Experience, Develop, Grow, and Explore career opportunities. Covering a variety of fields, this program is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of everything AT&T has to offer.

We spoke with interns from different tracks of the EDGE program and got the download on what a #LifeAtATT summer is like. Ariel Simpson, a second-time EDGE intern, worked with our Public Safety Strategy and Development team, Elaine Cai supported Cybersecurity, and Juan Tellez Gonzalez was a participant in our industry leading Technology Development Program.

What was your intern experience like vs. your expectations?

Ariel Simpson

Elaine: Everything was more data-driven than I had expected, but it made sense once I thought of it. I had also hoped for some more experience on the development side of things, and when I expressed this to my team, they let me sit in on more team meetings, which I’m grateful for.

Juan: I found that many of my expectations I had for the people I was going to meet was accurate, and I found that working with such a pool of talented individuals has pushed me to work and match their expectations they had for me. This allowed me to learn a lot in a relatively short period of time.

Ariel: My initial expectations were not much different. I had the opportunity to actively engage and cooperate with the team on many initiatives, while also acquiring valuable insights from individuals with expertise in the field of public safety. I also actively participated in meetings and conference calls focused on identifying and exploring market expansion opportunities.

What were your favorite parts of the internship?

Juan: I enjoyed the events the Middletown, NJ office hosted. Nokia Day really impressed me with the VR technology on display. On Keysight Day, they spoke about how networks work and how AI will affect the future of networks. These types of events are things that make AT&T stand out as an employer because they make sure they provide employees with enough resources to stay up to date with current technologies and trends.

Elaine: My favorite part was definitely the people—whether it be my team, the other interns, or the people working around me. My team truly wished for me to learn and grow, and I really couldn’t have asked for a more supportive environment. I became fast friends with the other CSO interns, and our intern coordinator connected us with other intern programs as well.

Ariel: Being a part of an organization that consistently prioritizes the safety and well-being of its customers and individuals has been a gratifying experience. I have taken great satisfaction from the opportunity to engage with novel acquaintances inside the organization and establish meaningful relationships with them.

How would you describe the company culture?

Elaine Cai

Elaine: For me, there was a big emphasis on learning and personal growth, and my team constantly supported me through this. I honestly think I lucked out and got the best team I could have ever hoped for. I found that everyone was very willing to talk to me and answer my multitude of questions on a daily basis. Not only did they guide and help me on my projects, but they also cared about my well-being and did their best to ensure I integrated well at the company.

Ariel: The internship fostered an atmosphere that was highly supportive and motivating. There was a pervasive sense of enthusiasm observed among individuals across various levels of the company, ranging from the leadership teams to the interns.

Juan: The people are ultimately what make a company great. I have formed bonds and close relationships with all the interns here and got to meet the full time TDP who are all great.

What were your favorite parts of #LifeAtATT?

Ariel: The company explicitly emphasizes its commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion, a factor that I perceive as contributing to its remarkable achievements.

Juan: AT&T really sets you up to have a successful internship where you will meet people who know more about things than you. One of the things that my Business Partner told me during the very first meet up was that he doesn’t have all the answers. It would be impossible to know everything about everything. However, you can know the people who are experts and seek out their advice and opinions.

Elaine: I’m an introvert, and I really struggled in the beginning. Coming into a new environment alone didn’t help either. But once I realized that it wasn’t me against the world, I was able to really connect with everyone.

What sets AT&T internships apart from others?

Juan: I believe this was the best internship for me by far. The culture once again is what stands out. Currently this internship is hybrid and consisted of two days at the office three from home. However there have been weeks where I came into the office for that third or fourth day of the week because I personally enjoyed working with my peers who would also come.

Elaine: This was my first internship and AT&T really set the bar high.

Ariel: I have participated in other internships. There is a whole list of what sets AT&T’s internships apart. Starting with the positive corporate culture that AT&T sets. Having participated in AT&T’s student internship program, my expectations for future internships have been elevated. Both of my internships have significantly influenced my perception of the organization in an extremely positive way.

How has your experience shaped your career plans going forward?

Elaine: I’ve pretty much known since high school that this was a field I wanted to explore and possibly work in, and this internship was a great opportunity to see how cybersecurity is applied in the industry. While a lot of it wasn’t quite what I expected at first, I also discovered other aspects of security I never would’ve learned about in school.

Ariel: The internship has provided newfound knowledge of potential options and professional paths that were previously unexplored. Having stated that, the internships I have undertaken with AT&T have served as a source of inspiration for me to remain open-minded about my passions, as unforeseen opportunities may arise.

Juan: Working at AT&T has truly given me the confidence to believe that I can get any project done. I’ve had to challenge myself and be creative. AT&T is a place I would like to continue working once my education is completed. I also intend to pursue a masters in either computer science or data analytics.

Do you have any advice for students considering AT&T programs?

Ariel: AT&T internships offer valuable opportunities for hands-on learning, while also enabling the development of significant professional connections and relationships, while enabling students the opportunity for personal growth.

Juan: Just apply, have the confidence within yourself. If you have completed challenging projects and taking positions of leadership, you are on your way to success. This is a wonderful place to work at and I hope you consider it because it has been great summer internship for many of my peers including myself.

Elaine: I would say to reach out to the intern coordinators of the program you’re interested in and ask about the type of work you might be doing. Also, try to reach out to past interns because they might be able to give a better understanding. Lastly, don’t be afraid to take that first step in talking to people at the company! Everyone here has their own unique story, and you’ll find plenty of amazing people around you.

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