Moving isn’t always easy, let alone from one country to another. But for Greg Chatterton, moving from the UK to Slovakia was a fresh change full of new opportunities.

Calcutta born and London raised, Greg was excited to raise his son closer to his partner’s family and their culture – and in a smaller city with some pretty amazing charm. “One of the great things about being here and away from London, I still feel that I’m in a city, but it’s such a quiet city. To still have that environment without so much hustle and bustle is almost too good to be true.”

After a few years living in Slovakia, growing his family, and becoming lovingly known as “the English guy” around his partner’s home village, Greg was excited when he came across a new job opportunity at AT&T.

As a Technical Support Representative, Greg would have the chance to connect with customers in America, learn some new technical skills, and get to work at a multinational company. An added bonus? The night shift would enable Greg and his partner to better manage care for their young children. From work-life balance to compensation and opportunity to grow, the new job was checking all the boxes.

Greg had the right baseline of skills from his combination of customer service and project experience, so one application and a few hiring steps later, he was welcomed to the AT&T Bratislava Call Center team. Training went smoothly for Greg and felt like a natural progression from his first day of training right up until he started making connections with AT&T customers directly.

“The training was so well structured. For me, what I got out of it was the equipment, the setup, the internet and services that we deliver to customers – learning how that all works was very detailed and hands on. The way we felt about the job from week 1 to week 5 and 6 was completely different. When you look back now you can see how well the training was implemented in each of us without even realizing.”

It wasn’t just the training experience that surprised Greg. It was the welcome he received from his tenured teammates. They were eager to share their knowledge with Greg and the other Technical Support Reps in his training class, teaching them tips and tricks and helping them grow into their new role. “The respect I got when I came here, and the welcome was very nice. I’m genuinely happy with the experience.”

Greg is already looking toward his future at AT&T and what he can learn next. In fact, he’s already made note of the internal message board where employees make company-wide posts requesting project support or offering to teach their skills. “I’m really keen to get involved in that, just to improve my skills and experience and get myself out into AT&T.”

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