AT&T family members who caught our commercial featuring the 2021 NBA Rookie of the Year may have recognized some familiar faces. For their service and innovation, we honored three team members through the commercial’s “Employee of the Week” wall. Yes, those were actual AT&T employees.

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Introducing your 2022 #LifeAtATT All-Stars!

From Folsom, California: Assistant Store Manager, Christina Scarborough!

Representing Washington, D.C.: Lead Chief of Staff for AT&T Business – Public Sector and FirstNet, Jimmy Johnson Jr.!

Hailing from Atlanta: Lead Technical Staff for the Network Chief Technology Organization, Ambrin Zakaria!

Let’s go courtside and meet the team…

Christina Scarborough

Christina began her career with AT&T in 2012 as a retail store consultant. As she has moved up the ranks – being promoted to Assistant Manager in 2021 – her passion for supporting her community has been her main drive.

In early 2022, Christina’s local fire department honored her for “performing an act of human kindness, which saved a life or prevented further injury to another person.”

It was December when Christina discovered a car wreck on her commute home. “The flames were coming up around the hood,” she recalls. In her work heels, she pulled the driver from the burning vehicle to safety.

Pretty incredible right? If you ask Christina she’ll tell you, ““It’s not a big deal. I did what I had to get done in the moment to be a good human being.”

Her sense of service doesn’t end there, though. Something Christina tells us she is most proud of is helping a regular customer in need. “One December a customer came in to get a new phone and I uncovered that she was struggling to keep her house warm. After hearing that, I couldn’t get her off my mind. I reached out to a local church and found someone that could deliver firewood to her house.” She adds, “She has my number and continues to stay in touch.”

When it came time to choose Employees of the Week, Christina was an obvious choice. She embodies our values 24/7 and never hesitates to put others first – even in the face of danger.

“I never thought I’d get to do something like this commercial. My family is very proud and happy for me.”

Jimmy Johnson Jr.

Jimmy Johnson Jr. joined the AT&T family in 2016 through our B2B Sales Development Program. In the five and a half years since beginning his #LifeAtATT, he has made a name for himself through leadership, work ethic, and sense of community.

For Jimmy, the moments he is most proud of aren’t personal accomplishments, but the times he has gotten to pass his knowledge on to the next generation. After coming up through the program himself, he was humbled to help someone else following a similar path as Lead College Recruiting Manager.

This commitment to the future continued in his personal life as he partnered with his high school to a host a week-long Freshman Academy. “This academy connected incoming high school freshmen, sharing the importance for maintaining a strong GPA, ACT scores, voluntarism, and school spirit.” He even utilized personal time off to commit himself fully to “leaving an imprint on the future.”

“So often we approach work as a job, however in that moment I realized my commitment to the future was far more important than I had previously realized.”

Jimmy’s dedication to shaping the future was celebrated when he was named a 2022 Black Future Maker. The celebration continued with his selection for our tournament commercial. “I made sure my family watched that game.” He adds, “I did not tell them prior to the commercial airing. I received over 200 calls, texts, emails and social media posts in a span of 24 hours.”

Ambrin Zakaria

Ambrin took an interesting path to AT&T when she joined Bellsouth Science and Technology back in 2004 – in fact, she almost didn’t join at all. “I planned to accept the offer, but then I found out that we were expecting our first child” she said. “I called my hiring manager and told him, ‘Sorry, I will not be able to join.’” Her hiring manager was convinced she was the right choice and told her there would be an opening when she was ready.

“It was one of the best choices I made.”

Nearly 20 years in, Ambrin has worked with and led teams building solutions of all kinds. “I feel honored that I am always given opportunities to work with cutting-edge technology.” This work led to her receiving the 2021 AT&T Science and Technology Medal; something she considers the highlight of her career so far. “When I sent my picture with the medal to my teenage daughter, she responded ‘That’s my momma.’ Nothing beats the joy and pride we see in our children’s eyes for us,” she says.

Her success with our technology team has contributed to numerous innovative products. As we continue to advance, Ambrin is an example of what great leadership can accomplish. Her philosophy:

“To achieve big, you have to dream big, but never lose sight of reality and never be afraid of correcting yourself when needed.”

She describes the feeling of being chosen for a spot in the commercial as “out of this world good.” The honor was all ours to include her amongst the other team members recognized. “I felt like a star with a capital, shiny S.”

Celebrating Our Team Members

We love to celebrate our team members making a better world. Through selfless service and innovative work, these super stars are shining examples of what #LifeAtATT is all about.

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