Brianna Johnson headshotMaking the right first step into the professional world is important for launching a long-term career. It was with that idea in mind that Brianna Johnson chose our B2B Sales Development Program.

“In college, my major was business with a focus in marketing,” she said. “When it came time to look for a job senior year, I started looking for sales roles because sales and marketing often go hand-in-hand. I’d heard great things about AT&T from people I knew worked worked there and was told that the development program was a great place to start a career.”

A Guiding Hand

Prior sales experience is not a requirement of our B2B Development Program, with a focus on sharpening sales skills and introducing young professionals to the corporate world. Participants learn essential sales skills such as public speaking, cold calling, and funnel and pitch creation, alongside business success skills including presentation, networking, and appropriate attire. These comprehensive lessons prepare them to excel as sellers and succeed in the business world.

“They don’t just throw you into it. The first half of my time in the program was all training. It was nice having someone guiding me instead of fending for myself,” she said.

Starting with the second month, participants moved to the salesfloor and started putting their new skills to use. “It’s a little less training and a little more doing it,” she said. This time is characterized by adjustment. Brianna got comfortable with talking to strangers and prospective customers. Most importantly, she got comfortable hearing “no.”

“Rejection is just part of the game. Sales can be a little hard in the beginning. It may take a week or a month or even two months to get your first sale. Making mistakes is okay. This is a training program; you’re meant to be learning. Don’t be too harsh on yourself,” she said.

Another integral part of getting comfortable in sales: her fellow participants and instructors.

In It Together

The two words Brianna said best describes the program are uplifting and motivating. “The people in the program are dependable. We’re all cheering each other on when we succeed and helping each other get through the days when making sales is difficult.”

The natural support system of fellow coworkers new to sales as well as the advice and guidance of program leaders was very inspiring to Brianna. “The coolest part was being surrounded by all these highly dedicated people I wouldn’t have gotten to meet otherwise and learning from each other’s experiences,” she said. “We’re all inspiring one another. There’s just this energy to it.”

The spirit of collaboration, support, eagerness to learn led to Brianna being the top of her class. She’s carrying everything she’s gained from her experience into her post-program role on our National Business Sales Team.

Continuing to Grow

“I look forward to learning from my teammates. I sell our wireless products and have already gotten to connect with colleagues on the Fiber side,” she said. “The opportunity to branch out and continuing to expand my knowledge is really exciting to me.”

Wherever she takes her career next, she’ll have her team’s support to keep her going.

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