Our Digital Transformation team is searching for top technology experts who are ready to evolve how our employees and customers connect. Software developers skilled in Salesforce, data scientists, and UX/UI designers are just some of the fields we’re hiring for in this transformative role where you can grow your skills, make an impact and connect with our leaders.

But let’s take a step back – what is our Digital Transformation team?

Introducing the Omnichannel

Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma is Director of Product Management and Development in our Digital Transformation team. From his role, he sees how all the moving pieces link together into a final product.

“We’re building a unified platform that empowers our users and optimizes our business relationships,” Deepak said. “It’s technology that goes to AT&T front-line employees who are directly assisting our customers.”

“Frontline employees” are those who speak to our customers first-hand, from our retail stores to our customer care centers. It’s a fast-paced environment, and no matter how skilled any front-line employee is, they can’t provide the best services without easily accessible resources. For Deepak, our technology has the opportunity to advance the relationship between our people and their customers to the next level.

“We use natural language processing, machine learning, and automation to bring Artificial Intelligence-powered employee tools for increased productivity and a superior customer experience. One use case: transform menu-driven Interactive Voice Response tools into truly conversational Interactive Virtual Assistants across voice, chat, and social.

“Natural language processing can analyze text and speech, provide a natural and accurate response to customers in a human-like way, and use contextual information to route customers to the most appropriate agent with an intelligent recommendation to resolve the case quickly.”

Working with Technology Leaders

Suhas Naik

Suhas Naik, Lead Product Manager, enjoys how the scope of the project has exposed him to several different areas in the business.

“With AT&T, there’s opportunity for everyone to really come in and work on whatever piece of business or technology they’re interested in learning about,” Suhas said. “Microservices, analytics, security, cloud, user experience… AT&T is constantly adopting new technologies because of the business we are in.”

Customer service plays a large role in our company’s success. In fact, “Serve Customers First” has been identified by our leaders as a necessary pillar for success. Those who are working on the Digital Transformation team, then, are receiving plenty of attention from leaders and stakeholders in-and-outside of AT&T. Some may find that intimidating, but Suhas looks at it from the bigger picture.

“You have so much transparency and are able to influence what we’re doing all the way up to the highest levels of business. Our Senior VP is really open about everything and what our approach is. You know exactly what’s happening and where it’s going. Those are the important aspects of a tech career outside of technical work – you get good exposure and build up your leadership skills, speaking in front of and listening to people.”

Angel Chui

“There are many women in technology leadership roles,” Angel Chui, Lead Product and Development Manager, said. “Seeing them, I believe I have equal opportunities to progress as much as my male peers. These leaders are supportive of my career growth activities, and they’ll coach you for success. I’ve been personally nominated to apply for our Leadership Development Program which I believe proves the commitment towards providing opportunities for growth and development.”

Joining the Team

So how does one join the Digital Transformation team? Deepak shares his perspective on common traits among those who inspire innovation and, in some cases, provide solutions that could potentially save millions in revenue across the company.

“To really succeed, you need to understand the core of the technology we’re using. We need Engineers who really understand Salesforce – which is what our platform is built on – to the point where they can customize it and develop to work outside the box. We’re using the best-in-class tech to transform our business and customer experience, and we need people who have problem solving skills and experience with full-stack digital technologies to solve business problems.

“I have 18 years of experience and already learned so much in the past year compared to my whole career with other companies. It’s an amazing time to come and join.”

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