Kartik in front of the globe sculpture at the AT&T Discovery District in Dallas, TX

Head of Digital Product, Engineering & CX, Kumar “Kartik” Kartikeya is no stranger to big changes. Six months ago, he began his new role with AT&T after more than a decade working in the fashion industry. His exciting career move was paired up with a geography swap from San Francisco, CA to Dallas, TX. “It was a multi-faceted change,” he said, “going from lifestyle brands to a leading connectivity company and a role with a reach of about 10 billion to one with 120 billion plus.”

Changing Fields

Working in fashion, Kartik told us, requires you to always be on your toes to differentiate yourself from all the competition. “Hundreds of apparel brands exist today who make athletic apparel or denim bottoms, but everyone knows who the best in their segments are,” he said. Kartik initially assumed that changing his career focus would be less on customer lifestyle and creating fans of a brand, but he soon realized that wasn’t the case and was able to bring the same rigor and style to his new role.

“To gain fans and long-term customers, it takes a promise that service will work when you need it the most,” he said. “There is a sense of accomplishment to working for a company that is truly embedded in our lives – from sharing memories with loved ones to streaming soul-comforting music uninterrupted. From gaming to making 911 calls in moments of need.”

“I am honored to work with such a talented and innovative team who thinks consumer-first every minute – just in a different way than in the fashion world.”

As the leader of digital engineering and customer experience, Kartik and his team are focused on elevating the customer experience across the board, as well as managing data platforms powering personalization and decisioning engines. “My team’s day-to-day job is constantly improving digital touchpoints for our customers and creating meaningful, fun, and futuristic experiences.”

Changing Scenery

Kartik at the AT&T Discovery District in Dallas, TX

Adjusting from the weather of the Bay to the Texas heat may take a slightly bigger mind shift than changing the industries. Having been a resident of California for 14 years, Kartik had gotten acclimated to the favorable year-round weather and ample outdoor time. So far, Dallas has not disappointed. “I was pleasantly surprised that there are a bunch of places within a few hours’ drive, like hot springs, to spend the weekend,” he said. Another big difference in his new home is the food. San Francisco may have a bunch of Michelin stars, but for those of us who are clued in to the cuisine of Dallas – let’s welcome Kartik to his new home and start recommending the best BBQ around!

“I am excited see what 2024 brings,” he said, before adding this hot tip, “be on the lookout for new and fun experiences as you connect with AT&T!”

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