January is National Mentoring Month and we’re celebrating those relationships across #LifeAtATT. A good mentor provides invaluable guidance and support. We asked our team to share their stories and favorite pieces of advice they received from a mentor.

Esmeralda and Charlene

Esmeralda Frutiz Rizo is a Fiber Sales Expert who first met her mentor, Senior Project Program Manager Charlene Luna, at Summit —an annual event for our top salespeople. They clicked immediately and since then, Charlene’s mentorship has helped Esmeralda find a new career direction. By sharing professional experience and offering her perspective, Charlene has encouraged Esmeralda to identify strengths and boost her confidence.

The most valuable piece of advice to Esmeralda: nourish every and all relationships. Get involved in employee groups and reach out to colleagues.

James and Patrick

James Vicente met his mentor Patrick Diggs while working at our Preston Royal retail store. At the time, James was a Retail Sales Consultant and Patrick was the Assistant Store Manager. Today, James is an Assistant Store Manager himself (Patrick is now a Retail Store Manager) and he credits that growth to Patrick’s advice and leadership. “He’s been my cheerleader from the start,” says James.

Jonathan and Derick

Jonathan Kirwin, Area Retail Sales Manager, met Derick Lillard, Director of Sales, when he was his Store Manager in 2019. If you ask Jonathan, he’ll tell you Derick was the first person who truly saw his potential as a leader. He recalls working in a location over 2 hours aways from his family. Derick wanted to help and gave him an opportunity to take on a busier store closer to home, allowing Jonathan to be with his family more, too. Derick’s mentorship continues today as both of them grow their careers together.

The most meaningful piece of advice Derick shared with him: Everything happens at the right time. Patience may not come natural in the fast-paced world of sales, but it takes time to achieve great success.

Mark and Veronica

Veronica Mann became the Retail Store Manager at Mark Winslett’s store in March 2021. She also became his mentor. As Mark works to become a Retail Store Manager himself, Veronica offers valuable lessons about time management, leadership skills, and overall development.

Mark’s favorite piece of advice he’s received: Think “next level.” Always maintain a growth mindset as a leader.

Sandi and Nicole

Nicole Norman was the manager at our Springfield Call Center when Sandi Romero became a Customer Service Representative. As a mentor, Nicole has taught Sandi to value the skills that she offers as well as how to grow and build upon them. She’s encouraged relationship building and helped make new connections.

Sandi’s favorite piece of advice: Don’t miss the little things. From simple tasks like sending a “thank you” email to offering your assistance to those who need it; they all help build and cultivate meaningful relationships.

For these team members, mentorship has led not only to career growth, but long-lasting relationships. This month, and every month, we salute our mentors.

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