Lao and Tom in the discovery DistrictMoving can be stressful, especially with five children. From finding the right neighborhood to adjusting to the different lifestyle, there is a lot to manage. However, with the stress comes fresh opportunities. Just ask Tom and Lao Yang, who recently left Arizona for a new home in Dallas, Texas.

“The chance to discover a new city and state, interact with new individuals, and of course, indulge in delicious food was exciting for me,” Tom said.

As a Lead Project Manager in our Finance department, Tom works to ensure financial accuracy and transparency. “It’s not just about managing numbers,” he said, “it’s about maintaining strong interdepartmental relationships. In this way, I contribute to the overall mission of delivering exceptional service and value to our customers.”

Lao is a Lead Privacy Analyst in our Chief Privacy Office, and her work involves understanding privacy laws worldwide and ensuring AT&T’s compliance with them. “Most importantly,” she said, “We prioritize our customers by safeguarding and respecting their privacy rights.” It was this work that prompted the move to our Dallas headquarters. Excited about the potential, Tom looked to his network to find a new role of his own in Texas.

“From the start of my career, there was always the idea that all career paths eventually lead to Dallas,” Tom said. “Having previously relocated from Minnesota to Arizona, the shift from Arizona to Texas didn’t seem as difficult, even with our large family.”

Adjusting to a Different Culture

Lao and Tom sit on a bench by a lake looking at our Dallas officeThe move to Dallas wasn’t just a change of scenery. For both Lao and Tom, the way they worked, and their team dynamics changed as well.

“I previously worked virtually full-time,” Lao said. “Experiencing the office culture firsthand and being able to put faces to names has been a refreshing difference. Some colleagues who seemed intimidating during conference calls are delightful to work with in person. It’s been very rewarding to meet and collaborate and feel the energy in the room.”

While Lao adjusted to working in person again, Tom got used to being part of a bigger business unit. “I was on a small team in Arizona,” he said. “Our operations were confined within our own group. Now, I am part of a larger organization, and my role involves collaborating with numerous other business groups across the company.”

One thing they both experience together was the number of new activities and opportunities our campus has to offer. “I find a quick stroll after lunch to rejuvenate my energy levels beneficial,” Tom said. “The walking loop in the basement has been a fantastic resource. Being able to connect with others over lunch or coffee chats is another great benefit.”

Lao echoed this sentiment adding, “I enjoy having The Exchange nearby to grab lunch with friends and co-workers. I don’t have to travel too far for good bites. I also love the gorgeous globe next to the building and the open space of the AT&T Discovery District that makes HQ a lively place to hang out.”

A Supportive Team

Another crucial ingredient of a successful move is a strong support system. Both Tom and Lao had that from day one. “Throughout my transition, my leaders and colleagues have offered exceptional support,” Lao said. “They frequently check in and share advice for life in Texas. Several directors even arranged one-on-one meetings to share their personal relocation experiences. I’m incredibly thankful for this opportunity and the fantastic support network I have here.”

Tom shared a story of his first day at the office that perfectly demonstrated the supportive culture in action.  “I was given a comprehensive tour followed by a team lunch,” he said. “I’ve been fortunate to be involved in a couple mentoring circles which have allowed me to meet my mentor and fellow mentees – all of whom have extended a warm welcome.”

Their support systems have also helped them settle in at home; sharing advice on things like the best ways to commute or the intricacies of the public transit system. They’re ready for their next chapter – personally and professionally.

“We are excited to explore the big Texas state together as a family,” Lao said.

“I look forward to cultivating relationships at work and paving the way for more learning opportunities, too,” Tom added.

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