Antonia and her mentorship groupA few years ago, I shared the beginnings of my #LifeAtATT and how mentorship has had a profound impact on my career here. I have now officially been with AT&T for three years and while that is truly a milestone, it feels like I’ve been here for much longer. I completely credit that to the wisdom of my mentors (some of which have been at AT&T since before I was born!). The timeless counsel I’ve gleaned from them is invaluable and has, without a doubt, been a catalyst to my success.

Last year, eager to continue this journey, I joined six different mentorship circles. I connected with a diverse group of leaders, each of whom graciously shared their inspiring stories and learnings with me. I saw every lesson as an integral piece of a web I was building, where one point or story connected to the next, making the following connection that much stronger. This golden tapestry of knowledge allowed me to think differently, and I knew immediately I needed to continue weaving that web of knowledge for others to benefit from. Equipped with newfound insights and a broader perspective, I embraced this opportunity and became a mentor.

The Shift

Antonia with her EDGE program menteeThe move from mentee to mentor has been significant in my career. In my opinion, mentors have the ability to shape and transform lives. Forming a genuine connection and allowing oneself to be vulnerable translates to lifelong connections because they are fueled by trust. I found this to be true when I got the opportunity to mentor one of our EDGE program interns this summer. I found that I could make the biggest impact when I was candid, listened more than I spoke, and showed genuine interest and equal investment in our time together. The kind of mentor I strive to be is based directly on the collaborative environments that my mentors created for me.

Where to Begin

There are many opportunities to give back to our organization and community through mentorship. Building connections with different employee groups (EG) is a great place to start. Through an EG, I found out about the Thunderhawk Mentoring Program, specifically for AT&T employees based out of Mexico. The purpose of the program is to connect these employees with professionals across AT&T so they can further their understanding of the industry and how their piece of the puzzle fits into the big picture. This experience fortified my ability to guide and support a group of mentees with varied backgrounds and aspirations.

Paying it Forward

Antonia and a mentee

My personal graduation from mentee to mentor has not only enriched my professional life but has allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the growth of others. It is this journey that has inspired me to mobilize and create more opportunities for shared learning, mentorship, and networking. I am happy to announce I am stepping into the role of Chapter President for oxyGEN Dallas and look forward to creating a new mentorship program alongside our phenomenal group of board members.

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in your career, there is always more to learn and equally, more to share. By doing so, we are creating a stronger, more competitive, and capable workforce. In a world where connecting changes everything, I’ve found my greater purpose within mentorship.


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