AT&T Sales Executives, Olga Bardales and Thomas Demitrius strive to provide the best experience for their customers – putting them first in every interaction. Each business customer brings their own unique set of needs, giving the team a chance to show off their chops by finding an equally unique set of solutions.

“I am the face of AT&T. When I establish a relationship with a customer, they will be my customer for life — not just a sales number,” Olga said. “I take to heart that my customer has the best experience with me. I approach them as a consultant for their business needs and offer a holistic approach on the overall products and services we offer, and they need. I’m sure to be very responsive of any communication on a timely manner; follow up is always king.”

Bringing empathy and a finely tuned sense of how best to listen to her customer’s needs has served Olga well. Remembering to trust the sales process, “you will get a lot of No’s before you get a Yes.” Bringing a consistently good attitude is always a game changer, “always smile, customers sense it even if its over the phone.” She also explained how building relationships with your customers and partners is critical, becoming the person that they can count on and asking for referrals are key to being successful.

The same rings true for Thomas. “Follow up is what makes someone successful in this role,” he said. “Building relationships and doing what you say you’ll do.” In all the sales roles Thomas has held during his 7 years at AT&T, making connections and asking a lot of questions has been pivotal to his success.  Thomas puts his customers first by taking the time to really learn about their business, how it operates, and understanding their needs and problems. Often, he goes the extra mile, connecting them with other AT&T channels such as Fiber, Cybersecurity, FirstNet®, and others, ensuring they get the best solution.

“You can’t be a robot, you need to be able to connect with people on what is important to their business, think about how your message is relevant to them,” Thomas said.

With the incredible range of products and services offered by AT&T, top sellers are using every tool in their belt – resources, product knowledge, and understanding the power of connecting with customers and each other. Supportive teams make for successful employees – and when you can clearly see the path your career can take, anything is possible.

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