Emily Wiper – AVP Sales

How do you find yourself living your best life?  Passion, enthusiasm, intention, drive. Emily Wiper brings all those ideals to her life and her career.  Chances are pretty good she could have been successful in any number of places with her positive attitude and moxie for miles, but she’s found her sales home with #LifeAtATT. With a penchant for seeing women be equally successful, she’s blazing her own trail and bringing as many people as she can with her.

Find a Place That Feels Like Home

“I did not come seeking a career at AT&T. I was at a crossroads in my life and had a lot of ambitions at the time.  I wanted to pursue higher education and wanted a career with longevity.” Always eager to learn, Emily walked into an AT&T store as a new college grad and landed a job as a Retail Sales Consultant. “Immediately I saw that I loved being in a sales environment where I could get to know my colleagues, but also find solutions for our customers to improve their quality of life.” Thriving off the pace of the work and competition, she found the combination that elicits the best results for her.

A Personal Recipe for Success

“I cannot emphasize enough the incredible network of support we have at AT&T.” Emily sought out an environment where leaders and peers show up every day and give you their expertise, helping you learn from their experience. “What AT&T offers more than anything else are the best people in the business.” Through mentorship and development programs, Emily had an opportunity to see people just like her enjoying a gratifying and successful career.  “I can achieve whatever I am determined to achieve.”

As a savvy seller and relationship builder, Emily believes there has never been a better time to take on a sales role.  After 6 months of successfully achieving target sales goals and training, AT&T business sellers are eligible for increases in their base pay and an increase in commission.  “Our folks can actually achieve a significant, life changing salary increase” through the autonomy to succeed and choosing how far past their goals they want to go.

“We’re available when our clients need us.” The best of the best build relationships and are always looking for opportunities to serve customers with everything from internet connections to wireline services that are critical to their business – solutions that keep people employed and thriving. Success is not only obtainable but becomes second nature when you see an opening to fill a potential customer’s needs. “It’s all about finding solutions.”

Bring Your Best and Bring the Best Up With You

Finding her sweet spot in sales led to increased responsibility and opportunities to lead. Emily gives credit to peer support and the strong network of people invested in her success as she moved through the ranks to her current role as an AVP of Sales. As a working mom, she has found sometimes the best mentors are offering candid advice and feedback while relating it back to their own lives and experience.  “Mentorship at AT&T has been instrumental to me. Not only with people who are willing to say, this is how I did it, but also providing a sounding board when you’re making decisions and striking out on a new path.”

Emily found mentors who embodied the idea that building confidence builds careers. She took that concept and ran with it, always remembering that she was selected for a role for a reason. AT&T has mentorship programs to facilitate the intentional building of relationships – fostering an environment where people are encouraged to raise their hand for help, connection and inspiration.  “It is everyone’s job to not only retain talent, but to tell our story.”

“The number one thing that drives me forward is seeing people on my team achieve more than they thought they were capable of achieving. That’s why I’m here. I believe we are all given a unique set of gifts and talents and it’s our responsibility to use those to make the world a better place.”


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