Meet Kellie Henson

Area Manager – Field Services
Gardena, California

When Kellie decided to accept a summer internship at AT&T the year before she graduated, she had no idea it would be the start of a 22+ year career. Kellie started out working in all areas of the dispatch office, then found her calling as a field manager.

Kellie‘s goal: to make an impact.

“In this role, you touch a lot of people, you need to be effective. You have to have great communication and active listening skills, make other people feel heard.”

As an Area Manager Field Services, Kellie has to be on her toes juggling everyday tasks along with leading change management and coaching her team to be successful. Her organization skills are key to helping her manage her day whether she’s checking emails, on conference calls, or going into the field to meet a customer or to check in on her Field Managers and Techs. The most exciting part of Kellie’s day is being out in the field.

“I try to get into the field to visit 2 to 3 techs each day, make connections, do safety checks, sometimes I’ll be in the field all day. Being in the field with my team is an important part of my job. Also, one of my favorites.”

Kellie took finding ways to connect with her team to the max by taking every single training class available to build her knowledge and skills and show she is willing to do the work right alongside them. She is committed to her team and keeps every promise she makes to help them thrive.

Meet Rosalyn Wandland

Manager Network Services
Bedford Park, Illinois

Rosalyn’s day starts with the most crucial element of any field technician’s job – safety.

“We start our days early around here. We meet each morning and the first thing we go over is safety…

‘No job is so important, and no service is so urgent that we cannot take time to perform our work safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.’

We look at the weather and discuss any precautions we need to take. On wet days things are slippery. On warm summer days, make sure everyone has wasp spray. We talk about the work ahead of us and if there are any foreseen roadblocks. I do a mental check-in. I set the tone for the day with a positive message and then send them on their way.”

Similar to Kellie, Rosalyn then tackles her daily tasks, such as checking timesheets, attending conference calls, and reviewing the load count, these are important to ensure that her team is getting the job done and being taken care of. Then she too goes out into the field to review safety, quality control, and development with her team.

“It’s my chance to connect with them, learn from them, help resolve any challenges that may come up, and make sure everyone is doing their best and being safe. It’s also my chance to encourage growth and to keep learning. Growth doesn’t necessarily mean climbing the ladder. There are so many opportunities at AT&T. I want to see them succeed.”

Roz has been with AT&T for 21 years. She started as a Project Manager when the company was still Ameritech and has held several other management positions prior to becoming a Network Services Manager, where she manages a crew of 17-20 technicians on any given day.

“Each of my positions has built upon the last. Learning how to manage outages from a switch perspective to managing inside technicians and working with outside vendors has created my foundation for success. AT&T invests in you to give you the knowledge to grow. If you strive to do your best and look beyond where you’re at, you can make a career – grow a career.”

Meet the Family

As a field manager, it’s important to keep employees safe and help guide them to success. For both Kellie and Roz, their jobs aren’t just about making sure the job gets done, it’s about supporting their teams and learning from one another. You don’t need technical knowledge to do this role, your team will teach you.

“We have different lives outside work but when we’re together, we’re like family. It’s one of my favorite things about this job,” says Roz.

Kellie adds, “We are family, we’re not perfect, but we have each other’s backs – 100%.”

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