Many students across the country do not have internet access or a device at home, creating a digital divide between them and those who do. At AT&T, we’re working to make the internet accessible for everyone. Our team members are stepping up and volunteering to help bridge the gap through our Connected Learning Centers.

Whitney Parker

Mobility Experience Lead, Dallas

Whitney is the Believe Dallas Ambassador for our AT&T Connected Learning Center (CLC) at City Square in Dallas where she co-leads Digital Literacy Workshops. The workshops are designed to teach parents and families the skills needed to navigate the digital world safely. Additionally, she leads and recruits other team members to staff the CLC computer lab and support the Summer Food program, which draws children and their families to City Square.

“I enjoy helping others gain access to technology and teaching them how to use it. I love seeing learners utilize what they’ve learned and can see firsthand how it lifts communities and gets us closer to help close the Digital Divide,” she says.

Charmayne Fish

Senior Project Program Manager, Customer Advocacy, Cape Girardeau

Charmayne is a virtual volunteer with our CLC in Los Angeles. Despite residing in Missouri, she is still able to offer her expertise and guidance to low-income students at the center. Through group panels and 1 on 1 meetings, Charmayne offers career exploration, networking advice and other professional development tools virtually. She also volunteers her time building science and art kits as part of the AT&T Believes at Home program.

“As an AT&T volunteer, I’m able to help give students access to the internet and other vital resources. I love that we’re giving students a place to connect with mentors who are committed to help them grow.”

David Seides

Director – Customer Experience, Atlanta

David is a volunteer tutor with UPchieve, one of our partners offering a virtual platform with tutoring support in math, science, and college readiness to low-income students in our Connected Learning Centers across the U.S. Coming from a family of educators, David says his passion for volunteering in education is “in his blood.” Since 2021, he’s held 227 tutoring sessions and is certified to tutor in six subjects through UPchieve.

“I help children in our Connected Learning Centers learn the technological skills needed to advance in the digital world. The ability to connect with a child and see the impact you can make through volunteering is such a rewarding experience.”


Ivory Gwin

Senior System Engineer, AT&T Chief Technology & Information and AT&T IL Pioneer President, Chicago

Ivory has led several volunteer opportunities to help bridge the digital divide. In 2022, he’s helping lead an event where volunteers will prepare and distribute donated devices to under-resourced youth in his community. Ivory is also leading the AT&T Pioneers IL Tools for Learning project, which provides school supplies for under-served students and information on AT&T access.

“When the pandemic hit, some schools gave students computers, but many students did not have internet. So, I made it my mission to get the word out about our AT&T Connected Learning Centers to help them gain access to necessary resources,” says Ivory.

Team members from across the country are making a difference. We celebrate all of our employees helping to bridge the digital divide.

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