Mentorship plays a large role in #LifeAtATT. Ask any of our leaders about their experiences, and you’ll likely hear about the mentors who helped guide them. During our #WomenInBusiness Twitter Chat, those stories came to the forefront as women leaders inside and outside of AT&T shared their professional journeys. If you’ve never joined our chats before (follow @attjobs to catch the next one), they’re an opportunity to break down barriers. Participants give candid career advice while sharing their perspectives on the future of business.

Check out some highlights below from the chat:

We Asked: What are some of the most common obstacles women in business must overcome to be successful?

We Asked: What are some strategies that can help women be more successful in the business world?

We Asked: Who helped you along the way? What part did mentorship play?

The meaning of work-life balance

Midway through the chat, one question struck a chord. We asked about work-life balance, a topic that is top-of-mind in an age where many feel they must be “always on”. AT&T Sales experts, Vice Presidents, and even our own CEO of AT&T Business dug deeper into the question: what, exactly, does balance mean?

Continuing the conversation

The Women in Business chat lasted an hour, but the topics remain ever-present as the definition of a career continues evolving. On LinkedIn, we shared our most popular questions for everyone to explore  (because sometimes, 250 characters isn’t enough.) Outside of the social world, participants like Alexis Glick shared their thoughts on the value of connecting with business leaders she would have never met otherwise. Anne Chow, CEO of AT&T Business, often explores her thoughts on balancing work and life in additional articles on LinkedIn.

Through events like the #WomenInBusiness chats, our people have the opportunity to build new bonds as mentors or mentees. Check out how #LifeAtATT is bringing our people together, no matter who they are or where they come from.

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