If you’re just starting a professional career, you may not have heard of Employee Groups. These voluntary, employee-led groups help people of similar backgrounds and interests come together to network, collaborate, and make a difference. They are also true to our inclusive culture – each group is not only open to employees who identify with that community, but also their allies. What is an Employee Group’s ultimate goal? It varies by each case. We are bridging gaps between generations, raising awareness on important issues, mentoring, or just volunteering in communities.

The work of our Employee Groups can be found in everything we do. It’s thanks to these groups that our products and services are possible with great people supporting them. It’s only natural that we celebrate. Take a look at their latest initiatives and accomplishments:

Our Women Led Employee Groups



Founded 2013 | 600+ members

Continued well-being awareness initiative that included sessions on topics such as building resilience and supporting mental health concerns with friends and family, hosted a conversation with Anne Chow about her career journey and leadership with 700 participants, hosted a virtual Girls in STEM event, which welcomed 141 girls to learn about STEM careers, and continued mentorship program with 78 mentees across the US.


Founded 2022 | 100+ members

Held “Lunch and Learns” to bring together women in frontline positions to network, started an active partnership to bridge the digital divide, and became AT&T’s 27th official Employee Group.



Founded in 2011 | 4,400+ members

Joined in the Invest in Your Future event for women and their allies focused on financial wellbeing and started “What’s the Buzz,” a networking series intended to create more meaningful events through an open environment.




Founded 1972 | 17,000+ members

Continue fo focus on professional and personal development seminars, conduct multiple STEM-related programs for students (including over $125,000 in scholarships), and lead programs to assist in raising awareness on critical issues, such as suicide prevention and human trafficking.


Employee Groups for Veterans



Founded 1983 | 6,700+ members

Awarded $58,000 in scholarships, continued partnerships with organizations such as Carry the Load, Wreaths Across America and Operation Gratitude, and started a new mentorship circle.


Founded 2019 | 900+ members

Facilitated and participated in public safety events that raised money for charitable causes, engaged with public safety experts, served numerous organizations through volunteer efforts, and educated and engaged our members.

Employee Groups for Employees with Disabilities



Founded 1989 | 3,000+ members

Continued to support removing stigma of and prioritizing mental health, including weekly Caregiver Support Calls for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Grief and Trauma Support Call, Wellbeing Support Calls, and multiple Mindfulness meetings each week.

Employee Groups for LGBTQ+ Employees



Founded 1987 | 4,000+ members

Continued hosting advocacy and educational events about affairs affecting the LGBTQ+ community, ongoing support for the Trevor Project, which offers crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ+ youth, and giving out over $30,000 in scholarships for graduating LGBTQ+ high school seniors..

Employee Groups for Asian American Employees



Founded 1978 | 5,000+ members

Continued to promote Asian culture and celebrate Asian Heritage with events including Autumn Moon Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Lunar New Year, raised money for local non-profits through #StopAsianHate, and given out over $1,000,000 in scholarships to high school seniors since 2012.


Founded 1987 | 2,000+ members

Continued events in support of their four pillars: culture, community, education, and charity. Recently partnered with OneChild to support underprivileged children.


Founded 2005 | 250+ members

Held Asian executives panel across all business units to spotlight Asian talent in front of and behind the camera. Hosted a screening and panel event showcasing three finalists in the Visionaries competition.


Founded 2001 | 5,200+ members

Launched the Your Planet Matters program in partnership with AT&T Corporate Social Responsibility to help save our precious natural resources for future generations.

Employee Groups for Black Employees

The NETWORK Black Integrated Communications Professionals (BICP)

Founded 1969 | 8,500+ members

Supporting their annual theme of “P.U.U.S.H.” – Passion, Utilization, Urgency, Show-Up, and Humility The NETwork is rediscovering their passion, creating a sense of urgency, utilizing everything they have at their disposal, showing up to complete the mission, and remembering to stay humble..

Employee Groups for Latino Employees


Founded 1988 | 8,100+ members

Continued hosting Latino Talks to provide a platform for conversation, awarded $227,500 in scholarships, and created HACEMOS ELLP – a first of its kind initiative to empower career growth in corporate spaces.


Founded 2015 | 200+ members

Participated in Women’s History Month activities for 1,000 employees, AT&T Girls Day, and the Women in Tech Conference.

Employee Group for Native American Employees


Founded 1983 | 2,000+ members

Awarded over $100,000 in scholarships over the last three years, hosted Tribal Talks and Did You Know videos to education others about Native American culture, and continued to advances initiates like bridging the digital divide in tribal lands, preservation efforts and community service.

Employee Groups Focused on Generational and Cross-Functional Networking


Founded 2011 | 16,000+ members

Launched Disrupt campaign to help develop future leaders and disrupt the status quo. Held multiple Disrupt Work webcasts with key business leaders and external speakers to discuss how to disrupt the status quo in the office and at home.


Founded 2014 | 4,500+ members

Expanded their Lifelong Learner series from soft skills development to multiple educational initiatives in collaboration with 13 other employee groups, launched the SCHOLAR MentPeer 2022 expansion with Oxygen and InspirASIAN, and gave 10 Lifelong Learner Summer Scholarships for non-traditional learners totaling $14,900.


Founded in 2013 | 1,680+ members

Continued focus on technical development and networking through trainings and events on various topics, including Conversation Circle and presentations on business tools like SQL..


Founded in 2014 | 6,440+ members

Enrolled 867 employees in training and mentoring classes designed for those interested in Project Management certification.

Employee Groups for Innovators



Founded 2018 | 2,100+ members

Hosted ongoing programs including the AT&T Innovation Wiki – a resource for connection and learning, Ask a Patent Developer – a program to learn about patents and innovative ideas, and How I Do It – video interviews with innovators and leaders who share their techniques.


Founded 2016 | 1,350+ members

Conducted coaching and mentoring program for engineers in training, promoted STEM careers locally, and engaged with international members pursuing engineering degrees..


Founded 2020 | 2,600+ members

Hosted ongoing education programs on career planning, mentoring circles, student outreach programs, and events focused around Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Employee Groups for Parents


Founded 2013 | 1,550+ members

Organized Summer Challenge for families which included tips and ideas for what to do with children during summer holidays.


We all have our own story to tell, but it’s our common interests that bring us together. When our people celebrate what makes us unique and what we share, they open doors to greater heights that can’t be achieved alone. Learn more about how our people are living out our values in-and-outside the office through #LifeAtATT.

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