Women play a big role at AT&T. With a workforce of 30% and a management team of 36%, women make a big impact in technology here. Nearly 15,000 AT&T women work in STEM roles, and over 1,100 have earned patents. As a named inventor or co-inventor, AT&T women filed more than 5,000 patents. We’re also fortunate to work with a lot of “Women Who Inspire” who are making a difference in their communities and the world at large.

This is why we make sure women at AT&T feel supported in everything they do. From having a strong network of mentors to making sure we ask the tough questions about unconscious bias and gender stereotyping, we aim to provide a true culture of inclusion where every voice matters. One of the ways we do that is through our immense network of Employee Groups (EGs).

Women Of AT&T

With over 15,000 members in 35 chapters, WOA is the largest Employee Group at AT&T. WOA aims to promote an environment that recognizes the value of women’s contributions both inside and outside AT&T, with volunteerism acting as a key pillar. In 2022, the organization celebrated 50 years connecting and inspiring members to achieve their personal and professional goals and affecting change in their communities.

WOA’s goals for 2024 include:

  • Positively IMPACT our Business by serving as ambassadors out in the community & being a strong resource for our business partners at AT&T.
  • INSPIRE our members to achieve their  Goals – mentoring, providing leadership development programs and opportunities to develop their skills and confidence.
  • ADVOCATE for Women & our communities working with other organizations to maximize results in delivering programs on key topic such as Self-Worth, Human Trafficking Awareness, and Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Awareness.

A Legacy Continues

Women of AT&T has over 51 years of service; a milestone achievement! WOA is focused on propelling the organization forward and continuing to serve their members and communities for the next 50 years.

Get Connected

Shanna Applebee, CEO, Women of AT&T National Organization and Lead Talent Marketing Manager with AT&T Talent Acquisition, says that getting engaged and involved with AT&T EGs can help you grow and develop your skills, build connections, and make an impact in your local communities and in our world..

“Being a member of Women of AT&T and other EGs has provided opportunities to develop and  expand my leadership skills, personal satisfaction, and – without question – my network. I invite you to join us and see what WOA can do for you!”

The Women of AT&T Employee Group is just one of many, and it’s not the only one supporting the innovative women leaders and trailblazers within our team. Visit our Employee Group page to see what their dedication has accomplished, or click the button below to learn more about the Women of AT&T.

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