In good times and bad, our people have always stood by our values. Whether it’s pursuing excellence in everything they do or inspiring imagination for future generations, these values pave the road toward great things.

Right now, however, one value is more important than ever: To “be there” when our customers and colleagues need us most. A world undergoing a rapid unprecedented change has caught many communities off guard. Our people have been showing the many ways they can “be there” during this time: through messages of hope, unexpected acts of kindness, and supporting our heroes on the frontline.

What does it mean to be resilient?

Our people have been staying #ConnectedTogether through social media and internal employee channels, keeping socially close even while we are physically apart. We asked what it meant to them to stay resilient during a time like this. Below we’ve highlighted a few of their answers, along with some creative messages that show how they can “be there” for each other and our communities.

“Choosing to see and value the goodness in even the most challenging and defeating of circumstances.” – Michael Ambrozewicz, Director Corporate Strategy

To “be there” for our first responders

First responders rely on a strong connection to stay on top of what’s happening. This is even more important during a pandemic, as healthcare workers are saving lives around the clock. Teams like this are providing essential support to FirstNet – our platform dedicated to America’s first responders and public safety community.

“For all of us, perspective is so important right now. Be kind to yourself and speak up if you need help or support while we all brave this together.” – Hannah Francis, AVP HR Business Partner

To “be there” for our communities

Our people understand that every action plays a larger role in helping friends, families and neighborhoods stay in touch. Jessica Hernandez teamed up with female leaders across the country to share a simple (and much needed!) message – No matter what role they play, they are making an impact.

“Feed on positive things: The beauty of spring, a child’s laughter, sunshine, friends check on each other. Staying healthy mentally is just as important and is vitally connected to stay healthy physically.” – Fatima Valentine, Legal Assistant

To “be there” for our customers

Many can find themselves suddenly disconnected from the world – whether it’s from a lack of technology or losing service with a previous provider. Following safe social distancing guidelines, our employees continue to “be there” to make sure our customers stay connected and never lose touch with their loved ones.

Find a purpose, a way to help others in your role at AT&T or in your community.” – Kelly Naumec, Advanced Mobility and Enterprise Solutions

How else are our people making a difference in their communities? You can see more of the contributions they’ve made through our stories on staying #ConnectedTogether, or visit the link below to learn more about their impacts throughout AT&T and the world.

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