There is something positive in everything – even this current pandemic. That is, more opportunity to stay connected or reconnect with family, friends and long-lost classmates, to name a few.

This includes remembering to connect with your professional network such as mentors and mentees.

“My new mantra is ‘staying connected is the way to navigate during COVID’”, says Latricia Shepard, Director Talent Development. “That has become so important during this sheltering in place. My mentor and I have purposely jumped on WebEx two to three times recently just to catch up. While our planned time to meet gets pushed around due to work priorities, we have been diligent to make it happen. And so, should you.”

Here’s what you can do to keep those professional connections strong:

Re-water: Have a mentor or mentee that you’ve lost touch since COVID hit? That’s OK. It’s never too late to reach out and bring that connection back to life!

Recommit: It’s a great time to revisit the goals of your relationship and to dream about future possibilities.

Reach out: Don’t have a mentor? No problem. It’s never too late to reach out to a trusted colleague that you admire and simply ask them to join you as an advisor on your career journey.

Mentoring plays a pretty big role at AT&T. Our people are at their best when they can trust each other, provide perspectives from their many backgrounds and help careers grow. Interested in seeing how #LifeAtATT can open new opportunities?

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