Our professional lives don’t operate in a vacuum. Our goals, determinations and how we work as a team are largely influenced by who raised us, and where. It’s no coincidence that being able to freely express ourselves in the workplace affects our ability to make a true impact.

In our recent #LatinoCareerChat, Latino leaders in business gathered on Twitter to share the relationship between their heritage and the corporate world. Participants recalled moments and mentors setting the stage for their careers, all while uplifting the voices of their peers and members of their communities.

See some of the highlights participants shared throughout the chat.

We asked: What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

We asked: How has your family influenced your career decisions?

We asked: What are some ways you ensure you are authentic at work?

We asked: How does your heritage play a role in your career?

We asked: If you could start over, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

We asked: As a Latino, have you felt the need to be “extra”? If so, why?

We asked: Is there a career decision you wish you would have made sooner?

Want to learn more and join the conversation? Visit the #LatinoCareerChat feed on Twitter to see the whole story and say hello. Interested in learning more about how Latinos are succeeding at AT&T? Visit the link below to see how everyone is part of our story:

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