When he noticed most of his store’s lunchtime customers left empty-handed, Alfredo Morales knew he and his team needed to do something.

“They were businesspeople on their lunch breaks,” he recalls. “Anytime they came in they had 15-20 minutes because they needed to go grab food and head back to work. So, because of that, they felt rushed.”

Morales, Chicago’s Area Retail Sales Manager at the time, along with his team, came up with a solution to help their customers save both time and money. They developed relationships with neighboring restaurants and asked them to collaborate with AT&T in exchange for a beneficial return on their partnership. Our retail representatives would provide customers with a coupon to local food establishments so they could grab a quick meal on the go.

“At one of our retail stores we were able to offer a 50% discount to the restaurant right next door. That way customers could get their lunch while a member of my team processed their sale,” he says. Morales’s plan was a “WIN” for the neighborhood, the customers, and the sales team.

Morales has a talent for anticipating customer’s needs and finding creative ways to meet them. After moving to Dallas, he challenged his team to travel to selective locations to build relationships with customers during their day-to-day lives. Many of these locations included supermarkets, workplace break rooms, and tax offices. This approach allowed Morales and his team to be more proactive in their ability to grow sales outside the store’s four walls.

Making our customers feel comfortable while meeting their needs is always top of mind for Morales. When the pandemic hit, Morales, now Director of Sales IHX in Los Angeles, and his team jumped into action.

“Times were extremely difficult with so much uncertainty in the air. Customers were afraid to go anywhere outside of the comfort of their homes. To bridge that gap, we did home visits and used our technology to meet with our customers virtually. We would partner with them step-by-step to set up their new mobile phone or internet; anything they needed we were happy to provide.”

Serving the community didn’t just stop with personal support. Morales and his team helped deploy AT&T mobile trucks, equipped with hot-spot capabilities and electricity, to local COVID-19 testing sites to assist the doctors and nurses during testing. Morales and his team created a great partnership which translated into 1,200 mobility wireless lines joining AT&T.

Morales sets the bar high in terms of how to WIN our customers and our community.

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