I joined AT&T 15 years ago, just a couple years after graduating from Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina. I was waiting in line at the local AT&T retail store with my brother when he asked the sales manager if they were hiring. He was asking for himself, but he encouraged me to join him and apply for the Retail Sales Consultant position.

Long story short, we both applied. I got the job, but he didn’t, and he will never let me live it down! I initially thought the position would simply be a “pit stop” for me while I saved money to attend law school, to fulfill my ultimate dream of becoming an attorney. Little did I know that 15 years, 10 jobs and 5 relocations later, the choice to join AT&T is still one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. It has enabled me to care for my family and provide them with a much easier path in life than I’ve experienced, and for that I am forever grateful.  As for the dream to become an attorney, let’s just say I now watch a lot of crime drama 😊.

As I reflect on my AT&T career journey, it has been overwhelmingly rewarding. Growing up in a single parent household and living in a small town in South Carolina provided me with the foundation that fueled my work ethic and ambition. Even with this foundation, I never imagined that I would be leading large teams in consumer, business, and sales operations, be a Dream in Black ambassador for the company, get to work at the ground level of FirstNet® (the nation’s only public safety network built with and for first responders), and most importantly meet some amazing people. I have formed lifelong relationships at AT&T, some of whom are now my best friends, creating the extended family that becomes the proverbial “village”.

As a black woman in corporate America, being a leader has afforded me opportunities to lead the way for many, and most importantly, to provide an example for others that look like me. I am a strong believer that you must “see it to be it”.  I’m thankful for mentors and sponsors, who looked like me, throughout my career, who have not only believed in me, but have provided me with invaluable insights and opportunities to thrive. Just as important, there are many champions who don’t look like me but care about me, providing the advocacy and support that has strengthened my network and journey. One of whom I currently have the privilege of working for in my existing capacity.

This dynamic and diverse network has guided me to opportunities where I delivered outstanding performance at every level, including Retail Sales Consultant, Store Manager, Area Manager/Business Sales Manager, FirstNet® Consultant, Director of Sales, and several positions at the Assistant VP level.  In my current role, I work with a phenomenal team of business sales professionals who deliver best in class customer experience through a portfolio of business products that connect our customers with the communities they serve. I’m still awed by the technology that AT&T offers to our customers that enables them to innovate and grow.

In conclusion, while my AT&T journey has given me experience with a variety of consumer and business assignments in sales, marketing and operations, I remain a “sales girl” at heart. There is just something magical about connecting people and products.

This #LifeatATT has been the journey of a lifetime and the best is yet to come.

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