When it comes to building a career in sales, there’s no place like AT&T. Meaningful performance incentives, incredible benefits, and countless growth opportunities are waiting.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear all about #LifeAtATT from two women leaders who have shaped their careers on our sales teams.

Hilary Navone

AVP of Sales

I started my #LifeAtATT in late 1993 as a Sales Consultant in downtown San Francisco. I was fresh out of college and wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I decided to take a sales job with the phone company and make some money. My thought was to save money so I could go back to law school since I was a Political Science major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Almost 30 years later I’m still in sales working for AT&T and have loved every minute.

Throughout my career, I’ve been able to explore various jobs; everything from sales, marketing, project & service management, and even some operations roles. I’ve had the joy of working for some incredible leaders that have taught me how to lead with heart and passion instead of an iron fist. Many of these leaders I have built strong relationships with outside of work.

In addition to various jobs, experiences, and exposure to incredible leaders, AT&T also supported me in my journey to further my education. While I didn’t go back to law school, I did get my MBA from Saint Mary’s College of California. It was an incredible experience to learn from my classmates that were all full-time employees with other top companies. My supervisors were very supportive of my self-development and encouraged me throughout the entire process.

Most importantly, AT&T was incredibly supportive when I decided it was time to start a family. I’ve been blessed with four children; a 16 year old daughter, 14 year old identical twin boys, and a 13 year old daughter. I was able to enjoy time off with each of my children and the company was very kind and always welcomed me back with open arms.

I’m so grateful that as a young college graduate, I made the decision to join a sales team at Pacific Bell. I never could have imagined all the blessings that decision would bring me. I’ve worked with so many incredible people, learned so many new skills, furthered my education, and advanced my career along the way. I’m so grateful to AT&T for all that it has given me and I hope over my almost 30 year journey that I’ve given back in kind.

Cher Broxson

Senior, Sales System Engineer

When I came to AT&T, I was still very young and had no idea what kind of career I wanted. I had never even thought about a sales career, but have always been very passionate about making meaningful connections and serving others in an effort to have a positive impact in my work. One morning, I overheard a sales consultant talking about their commission check. I was blown away hearing about the incentives AT&T provides and the payouts for meeting and exceeding quotas, so I figured I would give it a try and started my sales journey as a Retail Sales Consultant in one of our retail stores.

After several years in retail sales, I moved to the In-Home Experts organization. I felt at home alongside our technicians and serving customers in their homes. During my time in IHX, I had a mentor session and expressed my desire to continue growing in sales. My mentor inspired me to finally go back to school and finish my education. With the help of AT&T’s tuition reimbursement plan and encouragement from my team, I decided to go back to school at Boise State University. During my time in IHX, I made connections with many first responders. I was also able to help aid in relief efforts during Hurricane Michael in Panama City. What I realized was that my sales career wasn’t just about meeting a quota or selling a product: it was about connecting people.

In 2019, I moved over to the Business team as a Sales Executive. I was given the opportunity to learn more about AT&T technology, cybersecurity, and voice products. Our leader was very passionate about coaching and developing his team to help us realize our full potential. In 2020, I moved into a Fiber Sales Executive position. I spent time connecting with our Business Field Services technicians, our service techs, and our engineering team. My mission has never been to be “the salesperson” most people think of; it has been to show our valued customers the power of “One AT&T” and how seamless a solution can be when we all work together. Something I drive home to everyone I meet and talk to is: We are nothing without those around us and without each other, we can never be as successful as we want to be.

I have been given so many opportunities to share my thoughts and ideas via Advisory Councils and even mentor several other sellers who were new to the organization. I successfully finished my bachelor’s degree in December of 2021. I received something I never knew I could have or was capable of—being able to have a debt-free education as a working mom. Words could never express my gratitude to my leadership and AT&T for allowing me to continue to learn and grow as I pursue my career goals.

With the support and encouragement of my sales manager, I began to learn more about the technical side of AT&T Business. I trained with some of the best technical minds inside of AT&T before accepting a technical role as a Senior, Sales System Engineer, supporting ten of the best sales executives in the organization. Over the last two years I have learned so much about technology, but most importantly, about myself. All the things I thought I could never be or do, I am becoming, and I am doing. If you had asked me when I started this journey if I would ever be in a technical sales role, I would’ve told you no. That is the beauty of #LifeAtATT.

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