Bob Dylan started off as Robert Zimmerman, Flea was once known as Michael Belzary, Beyonce was…well, let’s face it, she was always Beyonce.  But our very own San-TONEs almost chose the moniker Angela’s Angels, an homage to Angela Santone, SEVP of HR, before realizing the perfect name was there all along.


When you need a band, sometimes all you have to do is ask.  In preparation for a Town Hall meeting, the call went out across HR – Do you have any musical talents and interest in showing them off?  Sure enough, the call was answered and a week and a half later the sound was found with two singers, a trumpet player, bassist, keyboardist and the always needed guitar player – all straight from the HR community.  And in the time-honored tradition of concerts everywhere – Let’s introduce the band!

Mike Burke (Bass): Sr. Training Manager – Devotee of the aforementioned, one and only, Flea – most influential bass player ever to hit the scene (according to his biggest fan, aka, Mike).

Levin Gunter (Trumpet): Lead Benefits Consultant – bringing his eclectic musical influences to the group with Jason Mraz, Jump Little Children, Ben Howard, Alt-J and Guster.

Lizzy Myers (Vocals): HR Business Partner II – reminding us all that Julie Andrews can rock out while also caring for your raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

Breck Munoz (Guitar): Lead Training Performance Consultant – running down a dream and working on a mystery all while channeling the legendary Tom Petty.

Brian Weitzeil (Keyboard): Sr. Lead Media Production Manager – giving us all some deep cut inspiration by citing not one, but two of the most influential living composers, Philip Glass and Max Richter, as his musical icons.

Anna Zotikova (Vocals): Associate Director of HR Technology – keeping it radio ready with a little Ariana Grande, Adele, & Rihanna.


Bringing energy and enthusiasm to the stage wasn’t a far stretch for these talented individuals. They are going above and beyond in their HR jobs too.  Carving out careers with opportunities to influence across organizations is a key part of the HR gig, add in some music and you just might find the secret sauce to happiness at work.  As we all strive to connect with our colleagues while maintaining work loads and social distance, the San-TONEs offer us an unexpected moment of levity and true joy when they perform.  It is a reminder that the feeling of togetherness is possible even when we’re far apart.   


Feeling inspired to bring your whole self to work shouldn’t be just a dream.  Whether you’re into music, serving your community, cooking the best ribs in town or working on your close-up magic, we’re interested. We know multi-faceted people make the most interesting co-workers and the most vibrant, diverse communities.  And if you can play the drums, the San-TONEs are waiting for you.

Check out our jobs, who knows where we could go together.