Make a difference.

It’s one of our key values and guides our team in every aspect of what we do. From technological innovation to service excellence – in and out of work.

Our Community Impact Awards recognize employees who are making a difference in their communities. Let’s meet a couple of our servant leaders who were honored in 2021.

Kevin Price

Kevin is passionate about his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. He volunteers with several organizations to create a positive impact in the community. Whether it’s delivering meals through Meals on Wheels or mentoring through the Sigma Beta Club, Kevin stays busy. “Volunteering in the community keeps me humble,” he says. “It helps me have compassion for others who may be dealing with hard times or just need someone to talk too.”

Kevin is also a board member of Sigma R.E.A.C.H., a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to local students. More than anything, he wants to have a positive impact on the world. Seeing the fruits of his labor is its own reward. “I want to share that feeling with others and maybe one day more people can move the act of kindness forward.”

Kevin says he is empowered to do all of this through support from his leadership. One thing that sets AT&T apart from other companies is their commitment to helping employees pursue volunteer efforts. One way this is demonstrated is through donation money the company gives for an employee’s volunteer hours. “Not only do I get to enjoy volunteering,” said Kevin, “but I also get to show off my company’s support for my cause.”

Kevin puts in the time because he genuinely wants to make a difference for every member of his community. With a mindset like that, it is obvious why he was chosen as a 2021 Community Impact Award finalist. While the acknowledgement is nice, it isn’t what drives him.

“Some people want to be rich. Some people want to be millionaires. But just to be a good person and be nice to somebody is more important than anything in the world.”

Katrina Burkhalter

If you see Katrina on a Wednesday, you may notice she’s dressed in orange. If you’re wondering why, it’s to send a message.

Wear Orange Wednesdays is a campaign Katrina started to raise awareness about bullying. The cause is personal to her as she witnessed her own daughter be the victim of bullies. She knew something had to be done.

“Volunteering is a selfless action that by default builds a person’s character,” she says. Her mission of a safer, kinder community has fostered partnerships with city officials, school districts and local police departments. “The perspective I have gained from listening to stories of other’s experiences has helped to shape who I am as an ambassador of love towards others.”

Katrina’s efforts continue to grow with the creation of her organization, “Strength in Unity.” She is working with statewide officials to enact anti-bullying legislation. What started out as personal to her quickly revealed a universal issue. Her compassion and desire to make a difference is manifesting real change.

She attributes some of her inspiration to the mindset of #LifeAtATT. “I love how we as a company get right in the trenches,” she says. “You can easily tell that helping others is in our DNA.” She points to organizations like AT&T Believes and sponsored volunteer opportunities like the Heart Walk as examples. “It’s just one of the many things I love about AT&T and the commitment to serve our community.”

“Do one kind thing every single day.”

Katrina’s selfless philosophy has guided her outreach efforts that could make a difference for so many in her community. Bringing more kindness into the world is her goal, and it is the reason she is a 2021 Community Impact Award finalist.

Be There

Another one of our core values is to “be there” for our customers, colleagues and communities. Many of our employees, like our Community Impact Award finalists, go above and beyond. Katrina, Kevin and the other finalists set an example as forces of positivity. We’re honored to have them as part of the team.

“Be There” with #LifeAtATT