I’m a proud graduate of the HBCU North Carolina A&T State University, where I was a marketing major with a dream. Over the course of the past 17 years, I have had the privilege of fulfilling that dream with an exciting career that has led me to my current position as a Lead Manager of Marketing Communications in Multicultural Sponsorship. I am almost three years into my journey at AT&T. The people and opportunities I’ve encountered along the way have shaped me both personally and professionally, especially my work with the Dream in Black platform.

Building on a Dream

I first joined AT&T during the pandemic. During that time, I was part of the Special Experiences team, and I searched for every opportunity to use the Dream in Black platform as a shining light. Dream in Black is a signature platform built around the mindset that success can look like anything we can dream; it is truly a manifestation of what I envisioned for my career. The program, launched in 2018, celebrates Black dreamers and their accomplishments; recognizing students, everyday heroes, and otherwise remarkable individuals who are making a positive impact on the world.

Those inspirational stories we shared of people who have uplifted their communities, started non-profits, and excelled in their entrepreneurial endeavors, are worthy of being celebrated. To work on this beautiful platform has been an amazing ride that allows a company as large as AT&T to connect with Black audiences meaningfully and authentically. I am blessed beyond measure to do this soul-enriching work that I love every day.

History, in the making

My previous experience in sponsorships and working at agencies with sports partnerships allowed me to quickly add value at AT&T. I’ve been able to build meaningful connections with my colleagues and helped to increase market share with Dream in Black to the #2 position. The platform has won a variety of awards and continues to resonate with Black audiences everywhere. With Dream in Black as part of the sponsorships team, the ability to integrate the platform across the portfolio is paramount. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues in sponsorship to integrate more and help amplify the platform’s efforts.

Dreams into reality

Spending my entire professional career as a marketer has enabled me to help contribute to AT&T’s mission while also expanding my knowledge and my passion for connecting with consumers. My incredible team of rock stars share that passion and has taught me valuable life lessons Some of the best advice I’ve received was to “venture outside of your comfort zone,” which has led me to leading both General Market and Multicultural campaigns for African American and Hispanic audiences. My personal journey has given me opportunities to learn, grow and to be consistently challenged. I strive to not to be a gate keeper of information, acting as a perpetual mentor, sharing my experiences in hopes they can inspire someone else.

My advice for anyone who is considering a career at AT&T would be to follow your passion, never stop learning, be curious, be adaptable, and boldly pursue your goals. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities and support I’ve had thus far. I work for an organization that is dedicated to helping consumers reach greater potential in their lives. I know that that purpose combined with my ambition, dedication, and passion for what I do, the possibilities for me are endless.

Embrace greater possibilities with us