AT&T is celebrating the accomplishments of 10 employees who are positively impacting the LGBTQ+ community and demonstrating what it means to Turn Up the Love.

These team members stand for the values of AT&T and uplift their colleagues and local community by championing LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion. We thank them for all the work they are doing to make a difference. Let’s get to know our 2022 Turn Up the Love winners.

Tomás Soto

Tomás exemplifies what it means to care for others, both in the workplace and throughout his community. He has held many board positions with LEAGUE, our LGBTQ+ employee group, over the years and continues to regularly recruit new members. He also fully dedicates himself to volunteer work with LEAGUE and beyond.

During the pandemic, Tomás launched the Mind, Body, & Soul Initiative to provide support and resources to the Dallas LEAGUE chapter in a time of need. He and his husband also serve meals monthly at a location for AIDS-impacted individuals. Once a year, he spends a week in Guatemala to work as a translator in medical clinics for the underserved.

Kyle Adamski

Kyle lives out loud and proud; just ask his co-workers. From the start of his career, he has found ways to engage his local retail group with LEAGUE and LGBTQ+ groups in the area. As a board member on his LEAGUE chapter, he stays up-to-date with events and initiatives and makes sure to share with his colleagues and encourage them to be their authentic selves.

He is one of the employees who led the push to include pronouns in company email signatures. He took it upon himself to speak to HR about how important it was to LGBTQ+ inclusion. In his community, he works with several Austin organizations, volunteering his time and organizing education sessions for retail stores.

Kristian Cosme

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Kristian leads initiatives for employee groups and in the community. He both participates in and hosts local events where he shares his story and encourages conversation. One such event had an audience of 200+. Kristian coordinated the panelists and conversation. The resounding feedback: attendees felt empowered and inspired by the events as well as by Kristian personally.

Kristian gives his all to Turn Up the Love and approaches everything with empathy. He continually works to educate others on resources and opportunities and is dedicated to the equality, equity, and inclusion of all communities.

Fred Hutto

Fred Hutto is generous with his time and has a passion for life according to his teammates. To them, Fred is the welcome committee at their office. He’s always there to greet new employees, staff, and visitors and make them feel comfortable. He took things a step beyond the workplace with “First Fridays at Fred’s.”

On the first Friday of every month, he opens his home to all members of the community. At Fred’s, anyone can share stories and connect in a judgement-free space. The first meeting included 10 people and has since grown to over 85 attendees with celebrations for holidays like Pride, Cinco de Mayo, April Fools Day. First Fridays at Fred’s has also included karaoke nights and drag shows, among other special themes.

Melanie Thomas

Since being a Turn Up the Love award winner last year, Melanie has noticed a positive change in her workplace. As a part of the traditionally male-dominated STEM field, many women can find it hard to express their authentic selves. It can be even harder to express your LGBTQ+ identity in such a large company. Melanie has become someone others can voice these fears to. Since winning last year’s award, she has become the voice for those not comfortable enough to speak as well as someone allies can approach to learn how to be more inclusive.

In addition to her positive influence on her team, Melanie is active in her community. She serves as a mentor and speaker for non-profits in the STEM fields as well as for LGBTQ+ organizations. She is also a member of the San Diego Pride Volunteer Leadership Team and supports many events throughout the year.

Jorge Jimenez

Jorge is committed to uplifting his colleagues and community. He does this in personal ways as well as in big volunteer efforts. “It feels good to know that someone can reach out to you,” he says. “This is what pride means to me, the ability to be true to yourself.”

As a board member of GALA Pride and Diversity Center, he volunteers and encourages inclusivity for all. He is also volunteers with the Gay-Straight Alliance at his former high school. Along with a professional counselor, he offers guidance to students dealing with trauma and abuse. Jorge also managed his local Pride Festival.

Cory Taylor

Cory Taylor is not afraid to speak up. Through blog posts, podcasts, and career development platforms, he’s loud and proud and gives others the courage to do the same. Beyond being a public voice for the LGBTQ+ community, Cory is also a mentor to many.

He shares his time in private coaching sessions just as much as he does in larger forums. He offers his knowledge and support and inspires those around him to pursue their own dreams regardless of race, age, sex, or sexual orientation.


Jennifer Britton

Jennifer is authentic about who she is, and she’s committed to helping others do the same. Within #LifeAtATT, she’s a member of LEAGUE. She promotes what the group is doing to her team as well as the work she does in the community personal. She encourages everyone to bring their authentic selves to work by doing it herself.

In the community, Jennifer is always volunteering her time to make a difference. She has even been a part of an auction, making herself and her home available for a fundraiser. She is always ready to tell her team what she is doing and make herself available to support them when they need it.

Sandra Sanjuanelo

Sandra is not someone who stands on the sidelines. She knows the work that needs to be done and is always educating others on how they can help. Through diversity groups and involvement with organizations like the Trevor Project, she works to better the world we live in.

Recently, Sandra and her team directed first Pride Parade represented by AT&T on the Las Vegas strip. Her efforts were so inspiring, the Arizona leadership team travelled to Vegas to walk next to her and share their support.


Bri Scoglio

Bri is a voice for inclusivity. She has spoken on calls for various groups throughout #LifeAtATT and her message is always the same: treat others the way you want to be treated. Bri leads by example and has an open-door policy for anyone feeling uncomfortable. She has helped many employees learn and create a more inclusive environment.

She took on the Culture Council project in Southern California and hosted multiple calls over the course of six months to start a conversation. Through open forum and collaboration, she helped drive a more inclusive culture in the workplace for an entire region. She wasn’t done with SoCal, though, and is now working on a similar initiative in another market.

Inclusion for all is a core tenant of #LifeAtATT. Our 2022 award winners live that every day as they Turn Up the Love. Congratulations to the winners and thank you for the inspiring work.

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