JK Anderson is a numbers guy. As a Mid-Market Business Sales Executive at AT&T, he has access to an expansive customer database that tells the story of what his customers may need and why they need it. In his previous sales jobs at other companies, JK had a toolbelt. Now, it’s an armory.

“I am my own business owner. I manage my own accounts and work closely with customers to solve their challenges while building a rapport with them. I may not personally know them at first, but every account has a relationship with AT&T already. Eventually, someone will want to talk with you because they have a product with us.

“There’s always something I can do to help a customer. I lead with our cybersecurity and mobility services, since we’re a top security provider in the country, but what we can offer is almost limitless.”

Access to resources always pay off. Although the last couple years have brought a unique set of challenges for everyone, Business Sales Executives like JK continue making a significant impact to AT&T’s overall business. The Mid-Market Sales Organization is just one of many within AT&T, so making a big difference for a Fortune 10 company’s overall results is no small accomplishment.

“In the moment, it might not seem like much to grow a business by around $3,000 a month. With the team working together, that quickly explodes to millions of dollars a year. It gives you this feeling of ‘I’m growing my business, and I’m also an important part of this company.’”

Inside the Sales Team

Speaking of the team, JK credits his peers’ support for much of his success. Unlike previous sales roles, JK doesn’t feel like he’s stuck on his own island fighting to make quota. In fact, he communicates with his teammates and leadership daily.

“No one ignores me, and I never feel like my resources are limited to only my own abilities. I talk to my boss two – maybe three – times a day. It’s because of that relationship with them that I’m successful. I can’t express enough how easy it is to get a hold of him and he knows that I work hard to succeed.”

What does success mean for a sales executive at AT&T? The team celebrates wins of all sizes on a weekly basis, showing how every step with a customer is one worth taking no matter how small. The commission structure also offers JK a clear path to success and attainable wins compared to previous jobs.

Commission in AT&T Business Sales

“Before, I would work to meet my number but was only paid by a limit. I wouldn’t get paid on other channels, and you basically never got paid on what you were putting in. Here, there are multiple avenues of revenue. There’s never a fear that if a sale falls through you won’t get a paycheck, which helps with the rollercoaster aspect of a commissioned sales role.”

“This ability to maintain multiple avenues that you work hard on, and that allows you to gain commission on – I think that’s unique to AT&T.”

The flexibility, culture and recognition offered by the business sales role keep JK excited about his future with the AT&T team. His opportunities to network with senior leadership give him new perspectives on his future and where an AT&T business sales career can lead him.

“I’ve been in past positions that do a great job of showing you career paths without following up on the promise. Here, the avenues I can pursue are clearly visible: Sales development, training, upper management. Opportunities like this get your name out there and they help you understand the inner workings of the business.”

“A chance like this doesn’t happen very often.”

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